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Chrissy Teigen & Luna Had The Cutest Storytime About Iconic Women In History — VIDEO

There may be a lot to love about celebrity couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, but perhaps the cutest thing about them is their children, 2-year-old Luna, and 9-month-old Miles. The social media-loving pair often shares glimpses of their family life on Twitter and Instagram, and it's meant that the world is now fully aware that there is nothing more adorable than little Miles wearing a tuxedo. But in a recent video on the mom of two's Instagram, she shared a clip of a sweet storytime session with her daughter, and Chrissy Teigen teaching Luna about prominent women in history is a reminder of why she's such an awesome mom.

Teigen is definitely not shy about speaking her mind and being an empowered woman, so it's probably not all that surprising that she's teaching Luna about feminism from an early age. On Thursday, Teigen shared a video clip of Luna reading a Little Feminists board book, according to Entertainment Tonight, and in it, Luna was asking Teigen all about the women inside, including poet Maya Angelou, and singer Ella Fitzgerald.

While Luna may still be a little young to start grasping the idea of feminism, it's pretty awesome to see the youngster taking an interest in some trailblazing women — and it's also super cute to hear her attempt to say their names. In the clip, Teigen tried to help Luna with the pronunciations, and it made for such a sweet moment.

From the sounds of it, Teigen's followers were totally here for the mother-daughter duo: while some chimed in to note how cute Luna's little voice was, others lauded Teigen for spending time reading to her daughter about prominent historical women.

One commenter even wrote that she had also purchased the box set of Little Feminist books herself, and that she's keeping them for her own future children.

From the sounds of it though, it's not just us regular folk who have caught on to the fact that Teigen clearly seems like a totally awesome mom. In a tweet Thursday, Teigen wrote that she loved the name Bea, and though she said she was "not ready for another daughter," and that Legend told her she wasn't allowed to bring home another pet, she joked that she wanted someone to name their child Bea so much that she was willing to be their godmother.

What she likely wasn't anticipating though, is that one very regal "Bea" was totally here for that suggestion. Princess Beatrice, aka the Queen's granddaughter, and sister of Princess Eugenie, who had 2018's other big Windsor Castle wedding, actually responded to Teigen's tweet, and wrote, "I would adore to be your god daughter."

Given that little Luna seems to be permanently dressed in princess costumes, I can't possibly be the only one seriously hoping that Teigen and Princess Beatrice's seemingly-blooming online friendship may one day translate into Luna getting the chance to have a tea party with an *actual* princess.

But lest he be left out of the fun, baby Miles also had his adorable moment in the spotlight Thursday too, when Teigen shared a video of her son attempting to say "Dada" for the first time:

Unfortunately, Legend's mini-me son couldn't *quite* get the word out this time, but his sweet attempt definitely made for an adorable video. Not to mention that it likely also served as a good reminder to Princess Beatrice that Miles definitely deserves his own invitation to the hypothetical Buckingham Palace tea party that should totally actually happen, even though it would probably be breaking all kinds of official royal protocol.

Whether or not Teigen and Legend unofficially adopt Princess Beatrice though, it's clear that they're doing a pretty great job raising their actual children — including starting to teach them about powerful women right from the start. Even without the books though, it definitely seems like Luna already has a pretty great role model to look up to in her mom.