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Chrissy Teigen's Tweet About Her Pregnancy Face Weight Gain Is Hilarious & Too Real

Pregnancy comes with lots of fun perks: nausea, heartburn, lightning crotch, and more little conditions that add up to complete hell. Another less than pleasant side effect of growing a little person is weight gain. The added pounds can settle just about anywhere on a woman's body. For example, Chrissy Teigen tweeted about her pregnancy face weight gain and you can almost hear her frustration in her post, proving that not even picture-perfect celebrities are safe from the insecurity that comes with bodily changes during pregnancy.

Of course there is a lot of magic that comes with pregnancy, but there are also a slew of changes for moms-to-be. Teigen has made a name for herself as an open and expressive voice on Twitter and, with baby number two on the way, she has shared a bit about her pregnancy experience with fans. Most recently, she shared a mini-thread of tweets about the weight that she has gained in her face.

She started by saying "I think this baby is gonna come out of my face," and followed up with, "I would weigh 40 pounds less without a face." I, for one, would rather not see a baby born via Teigen's face, and her message has certainly resinated with a lot of people.

In true Teigen fashion, the tweets are the perfect mix of honesty and hilarity and her many followers were quick to respond. Other moms shared their similar experiences, along with lots of "Same, girl" tweets.

One wrote back, "baby bloat is real... my best friend was bronzer under my jaw line."

Another expectant mother said, "I'm 100% sure that's where my baby lives, not my stomach, my face. The pregnancy struggle is real."

Another mom-to-be shared just how "relatable" Teigen's tweet is for her:

Other fans pointed out that Teigen looks absolutely amazing, pregnancy face and all. One follower wrote, "It's a beautiful face tho [sic]" and another said "Yeah, but you'd be much less kissable [without the face]!"

Many women get chubbier cheeks during pregnancy, but that doesn't make it less frustrating. And, if it bothers you, it is possible to lose that weight after giving birth or even during pregnancy by remaining fit and healthy, according to LIVESTRONG. But, if the weight is gained at a normal rate throughout pregnancy, it is really nothing to worry about. However, if the facial swelling comes on rapidly or all at once, a doctor should be consulted as it could be a sign of pre-eclampsia, a dangerous condition that leads to high blood pressure and potential organ damage, according LIVESTRONG.

While Teigen is, of course, still a stunner even while pregnant, feeling uncomfortable with the weight gain is not at all unusual. A Google search of the phrase "insecurity during pregnancy," turns up a slew of personal accounts expressing similar concerns. Such a dramatic change in physical appearance is enough to make even the most confident woman respond emotionally. Likely for this reason, pregnancy health and baby news website Baby Gaga explained this common reality and shared a list of things that make pregnant women feel insecure and weight gain was at the top:

Because these changes occur over the span of only a few months, they’ll feel abrupt to the mom-to-be. She’ll be wondering where her old body went, that’s for sure! And even though this is an expected body change, she might feel terrible in a bikini. Often, however, the horridness of her body is just in her mind.

The number of people who were quick to tweet their support to Teigen is enough to restore at least some faith in humanity. Teigen's tweets also raise awareness of the internal struggles that almost all pregnant women endure. Most of all, it is important to remember that even though it is not the most enjoyable part of the miracle of life, weight gain is normal and even necessary during pregnancy.

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