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Chrissy Teigen Made A Relatable Sex Joke In Her Anniversary Tribute To John Legend

by Casey Suglia

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's marriage is something to be admired (and celebrated). The husband and wife seem like they have so much fun together while making a great team to their two kids. Of course, Chrissy Teigen's anniversary message to John Legend is filled with hilarious jokes that very much prove their spark will never die. It's Teigen's second nature at this point.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's anniversary should practically be a national holiday (just kidding). The couple was clearly made for each other. They are such a supportive team and tackle everything — from parenting two young kids, to being called out on Twitter by the President of the United States — with grace and humor. Even Teigen knows this, taking to Instagram to post the sweetest tribute to Legend and their marriage. In the photo, Teigen and Legend can be seen looking so incredibly gorgeous and dapper against a gorgeous staircase in France, where they celebrated their anniversary. But the caption is where the true beauty is.

"OK fine. I love you, baby," Teigen wrote in the caption of the post. "I love our life and our babies and you. So much. Here's to 13 years of doing it on the semi reg."

Leave it to Teigen to take something so sentimental and make a hilarious mom joke about "doing it" on her wedding anniversary. Classic.

After six years of marriage, the two of them are still finding time to have sex semi regularly in between taking care of their two young kids — 3-year-old daughter, Luna, and 1-year-old son, Miles. Sure, they could be having sex regularly. But, considering that Teigen and Legend are two of the busiest people in the business, semi-regularly is definitely something to be admired.

Legend's anniversary Instagram post to Teigen was just as sweet but just a little less cheeky. "I love you forever," Legend wrote in his post. "Here's to many more beautiful nights." My heart. It's melting.

Although Teigen has criticized Legend for being a "bad Instagram husband" in the past, there is clearly nothing but love between the two of them (and she was kidding, alright?). For every bad photo he takes of her with her kids, there is so more love to go around to negate that.

It's hard to believe that the two of them married just six years ago in a gorgeous destination in Lake Como, Italy. The two of them wed in front of their closest friends and family members in a gorgeous lakefront villa, according to Martha Stewart Weddings. But, in an interview with Elle UK last year, Teigen said that she never thought she would actually marry Legend, even after they spent 12 hours together on their first date. "There's also these normal stories where you date and talk and just grow together," she said. "I do remember talking to him on the phone the next day for hours, though. He was on tour. And I'd never do that now."

But they made it work, because they work so well together. In an interview with Martha Stewart Weddings last year, Legend told the magazine that their marriage is built on a few key things that guarantees his success. "We actually really love and respect and admire each other," he said. "I think that's the foundation of who we are as a couple and we actually enjoy each other's company...my wife makes me laugh all the time."

Leave it to Teigen to be making her husband laugh for the past six years, even on the most heartfelt day of their relationship.