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Chrissy Teigen Thinks The Pope Is Trolling Her On Twitter & It's Hilarious

She's already got a successful career as a model, game show hostess, and cookbook author, but man, did John Legend's wife miss her true calling as a comedian. Chrissy Teigen's response to the pope on Twitter on Thursday was so spot-on and completely hilarious. She always seems to tweet just what we're all thinking — or would be thinking, if we were more clever, perhaps.

If you're not one of Pope Francis' 17.7 million followers, allow me to educate you on his signature social media voice. Normally, he tweets the kind of things you might expect: "Pray more!" "Jesus is awesome!" You get the gist. But occasionally, he'll wade into current affairs, sort of. He doesn't directly address issues, exactly, but he'll pointedly tweets about loving immigrants every now and then, basically sub-tweeting the president (in my mind). So you've got to wonder what was on his mind on Thursday morning when he — or whomever is in charge of his Twitter account — gave a random shout-out to all the Nanas and Pop-Pops out there who aren't getting enough face time with their precious grandbabies. "Grandparents are a treasure in the family," he tweeted. "Please, take care of your grandparents: love them and let them talk to your children!" Teigen's response: "Mom?"

I agree with the pope on some level; grandparents can be a treasure, though not necessarily all of them are. In fact, some of Teigen's followers made that point when responding to her tweet. "Unless the grandparent is a toxic person like my father," one wrote. "My baby boy isn't going anywhere near him." Another replied simply, "**Certain restrictions apply**" which is certainly less of a downer. But for real, what made the pope decide to tweet that? Did he receive a complaint from a parishoner whose grandchildren don't have time to call or visit? Is there a church lady out there with a mean daughter-in-law who's keeping her kids away from Granny out of spite? Or is this just such a common request from everyone's mom that he finally decided to throw them a bone?

"I feel like my mom put him up to this as well," replied one of Teigen's fans. "I swear I thought my mom called the Pope to tattle on me," wrote another. And one joked, "I hate when they raffle off Pope Twitter access for a day." Or, if you're not relating because your mom isn't as social media savvy as Teigen's might be, this will hit home: "I would have asked the same thing, but my mom is like 'What's Tweeter?'" Same. If it wasn't for Trump's unfortunate proclivity for posting outrageous nonsense on the site, and the ensuing media coverage of said posts, I'd bet anything that my mom had never heard of Twitter, either.

Teigen's mom really does does like the most stereotypical grandma ever; back in 2016, she tweeted, "Mom is babysitting and I've got photos of Luna in some pajama dress I've never seen and she's wearing shoes for the first time ever." Raise your hand if you (or someone you know) has more baby clothes than their kid could ever wear before growing out of them because Grandma just couldn't resist buying them an entirely new wardrobe, like, every month.

But other than that, she's totally one of a kind, and I kind of wish the family had a reality show. "My mom keeps liking tweets of people hating on me," Teigen tweeted last year. And earlier this month: "Mom just asked me what 'TRYING to murder someone' is called. I said 'attempted?' and she goes 'yes attempted murder' and went on cleaning." Now we know where Teigen got her sense of humor, and I know who I'm going to follow on Twitter next.