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Fans Loved Chrissy Teigen’s Tweets About Her Body After Giving Birth

It's been a little more than 10 months since Chrissy Teigen gave birth to her son, Miles, and a lot has happened since then. Her little boy is so adorable and seems to be growing up so quickly. But, Teigen has also gone through a few changes herself, which she elaborated on Twitter this weekend. People will love Chrissy Teigen's honesty about her body's changes after giving birth to her son, because she hits the nail on the head in her tweets.

Teigen and her husband, John Legend, welcomed their second child together last May, according to TODAY, and fans have been loving their honesty with fans about raising their little boy. In the past, Teigen has been willing to share all of the honest parts about raising a son — from her tweets about his inability to fit into clothes (he was born three weeks premature) to opening up about him having to wear a helmet to treat his "slightly misshapen head," according to People. But over this weekend, Teigen opened up about her own progress with her weight since giving birth to Miles almost one year ago.

It's no secret that she loves food — she has two cookbooks devoted to her favorite creations in her home — and she isn't going to stop loving food just because there is a pressure to lose the pre-baby weight.

"Basically, I am 20 pounds heavier than I was before Miles," Teigen tweeted. "He's 10 months old, I never lost that last bit because I love food too much. Just coming to terms with my new normal, when I had this certain number for so long!"

Teigen added in another tweet that she is so happy, she will gladly take her feelings and the number on the scale any day. Amen.

The best thing is, she isn't alone in her love for food or confidence in her body. Her followers on Twitter have chimed in, cheering the mom of two on for her super true words.

"This is real and I love it," one follower wrote.

"You are so brave and transparent, I love you so much," another follower added. "Thank you for being you and a phenomenal role model for girls."

"It's refreshing to see someone say this," someone stated.

Not only is it refreshing to see someone embrace their post baby body, but it's awesome to see a celebrity embrace their love of food. And Teigen has been super open about her love of food of all kinds, and told Good Housekeeping that cooking helped her cope with postpartum depression when she gave birth to her first child.

Why would she stop loving food just because the pressure exists to be a certain weight and it brings her so much happiness?

This isn't the first time since giving birth to Miles that she has opened up about the pressure to lose weight and get back to her pre-baby body. But at the same time, it's clear that she is embracing everything she has. This past summer, Teigen shared a video with her stretch marks on Instagram while on vacation in Bali. "I guess these just aren't going away," Teigen said in the video. "This is my new body."

And in February, Teigen told Good Housekeeping that she is so happy with where she is right now.

"There are people out there who are struggling, and I'm struggling, and it's OK to come to terms with realizing it's going to be a bit of a journey," she said. "I'm not blind: I see my body, I see the difference in shape, I see that I gained weight. But I also see with those same eyes, that I have a beautiful baby boy, and and an amazing little girl, and I am very happy."

Other new moms or people struggling with their own weight can take these words to heart. Her honesty with this is so appreciated.