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Chrissy Teigen Is Her Family's "Designated Photo Taker" & Yep, Moms Can Relate

My favorite couple is back at it again on Instagram, and this time Chrissy Teigen isn't holding back when it comes to her husband, John Legend. In fact, Chrissy Teigen's Instagram about being the "designated photo taker" takes direct aim at her partner of over a decade. And her hilarious post is so painfully true that countless moms are snapping their fingers in approval.

Teigen, a mom-of-two and author of Cravings, posted a sweet selfie with her daughter, Luna, on Sunday. But there was more to what first appeared to be your typical mommy-daughter pic, as Teigen hilariously took Legend to task in its caption.

"I never have pictures of myself because I am selfless and am the designated photo taker and keeper for my family and no one else seems to care to be thoughtful and take good photos of me they merely click them off without paying attention to angles or lighting or general photo ambience," she joked. The model concluded the post with a funny jab at her husband of six years, writing, "But it’s okay. such is the life I chose. (To john)."

John was quick to quell the sting of Chrissy's shot, posting his own photo of his wife shortly after in response, with the caption, "When your wife says you're a bad Instagram husband but you're like..."

But Chrissy was having none of it. Within the hour, she responded in the comments, saying, "I took this," to which John posted another photo of her, this time with their 3-year-old daughter Luna. Legend captioned the second photo, assuring fans, "Photo by....me!"

While the happily married couple were having their social media tiff, other mothers around the world didn't hesitate to chime in, with many feeling Teigen's pain.

Natasha Bedingfield, singer and songwriter best known for her debut album, Unwritten, commented on Teigan's photo with her own experience. "Every time his dad holds him I pick up the camera and take a snap," Bedingfield, who has a son husband Matt Robinson, said. "He’s gonna think that it was only dad who did all those things with with him."

Kandi Burruss, singer and television personality from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, didn't hesitate to chime in with her own experience as a wife and mother-of-two. "I feel you!" Burruss commented. "I never have great pics with my son [and Todd] gets all the great photos because I’m the photographer."

Another Instagram user who shared a similar experience lamented, "I hear you sister. My kids will look at the family photo album thinking they were motherless..."

Teigen's experience is so common, it seems, that there is even an Instagram hashtag that was created to "encourage mums to be in photos more with their kids," according to another social media poster. The hashtag, #mumsinphotos, currently has a little over 3,400 posts.

With the overwhelming number of mothers who came out in support of Teigen, one mother even suggested a crafty solution to the problem of slacking dads and husbands. "The plight of mothers everywhere," the user said. "We really should always travel in packs so we can [take] photos for each other." Ha!

In the meantime, John Legend get his camera ready because he now has to live up to his new status as a so-called "Instagram husband." Happy snapping, dad!