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12 Times Chrissy Teigen Got Super Honest About Pregnancy That'll Make You Say "YAAS!"

Everyone's favorite voice on Twitter may also be their favorite first-hand authority on pregnancy. Ever since she and husband John Legend announced that they were expecting, Chrissy Teigen's has been dishing out her thoughts on pregnancy, much to my enjoyment. And Teigen's most honest pregnancy moments and tweets rank among my favorite insights into the magical journey towards motherhood.

Teigen and Legend, who are already parents to 1-year-old Luna Simone Stephens, announced this past November that they are expecting yet again. Teigen has long been open about her struggle with infertility — like with Luna, the new baby was conceived via frozen embryo transfer. She told In Style that she and Legend started with 20 embryos, a number which dropped down to three after they were examined for genetic abnormalities. "The first little girl didn't work, and then the second is Luna," Teigen told the publication.

She also shared in January 2017 that the last embryo is a boy. "Since this is coming up again, I said our next baby would be a boy because that is the embryo we have left. A boy. So. Yeah," she tweeted out to her followers. A little less than a year later, and the two are, indeed, expecting a little boy this June. The sex of her baby isn't all that Teigen has shared, though. Between her two pregnancies, she has bestowed numerous nuggets of wisdom on us mere mortals.

1. On Her Changing Body

Pregnancy does a lot to a woman's body during those nine months, and some of the changes come on more quickly than others. Teigen has been quick to accept the ways in which pregnancy has affected her shape. She posted a shot to Instagram that read, "Hello new thighs! You appeared out of nowhere but I am not mad at it!"

2. On The New Smells

One of the five senses is on high alert during pregnancy: your sense of smell. Allowing you to sniff out expired food in the fridge without even opening the door, this new ability has its pros and cons. While an acute sense of smell can be a nightmare during morning sickness, it has apparently served Teigen well. I'm not sure if smelling through the TV is actually possible, but I do know that I want biscuits now. Thanks a lot, Chrissy.

3. On All The Advice

Since announcing that I'm expecting, I've gotten recommendations on everything from my diet, to my workout routine, to my fashion choices. Some of it has come from close friends and family members, but much has been unsolicited and from strangers. I've been too much of a pushover to tell off my advisors, but Teigen is far from a wimp. She tweeted out to everyone offering her "advice," suggesting that they swap roles. I doubt they took her up on it, though I wish they had.

4. On The Importance Of Carbs

Pregnancy is the last time that you want to be cutting carbs, and thank goodness for that. Delicious pizza, pasta, and breadsticks turn into glucose, which is the primary source of fuel for the baby. Teigen seems to understand the power of carbohydrates.

5. On Morning Sickness

Another fun by-product of pregnancy is morning sickness. The first trimester is steeped in excitement, anticipation, and vomit. Many women experience morning sickness due to hormonal changes and it sounds like Teigen was no different. By now, she has likely made it past this stage but she didn't gloss over it at the time.

6. On Cravings

When it's not inducing nausea and vomiting, pregnancy can lead to all kinds of fun pregnancy cravings. For me, it's been lemonade and raw spinach. For Teigen, it was french fries.

7. On Pregnancy Weight Gain

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that a woman at a healthy weight gain between 25 and 35 pounds during pregnancy, but that is not always the case. Despite eating well and exercising regularly, I have reached my "limit" with 10 weeks left to go and Teigen is apparently right there with me. She tweeted out the lure of mac and cheese, along with an admission of how much weight she has gained thus far. You do you, mama.

Another fun aspect of that weight gain is where the extra poundage settles. As OK as I am with going up a cup size or two and having a little more junk in my trunk, there are some less than favorable locations where pregnancy thickens a mama up as well. One of those is the cheeks. Teigen and I seem to have the whole "chipmunk preparing for winter" look going on.

8. On Giving Up Certain Things

With parenthood comes sacrifice, and pregnancy is no different. A mandatory nine-month sobriety is par for the course, which can be frustrating when you'd like to hit up Margarita Monday with the girls or partake in Super Bowl Sunday festivities, but it absolutely pays off in the long run. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is no joke.

Pregnant women also give up a few other things, such as the food and water that they eat and drink and pretty much their entire immune system. Oh, the things we do for love.

Teigen also appears to have given up late nights out with her man, but getting to bed early sounds like a great reason for a curfew to me.

9. On How Pregnancy Can Drag On

As beautiful and magical of a journey as pregnancy can be, those are a long nine months — especially once you hit your third trimester and the "glow" is replaced by restless nights and acid reflux. It also feels like your midsection hasn't been your own in a very, very long time.

10. On The Difference Between The First & Subsequent Pregnancies

As it turns out, you actually do show your pregnancy more quickly in your second (or third, or fourth) pregnancy than in your first. As Parents explained it:

You tend to show about a month sooner. After having a baby, your uterus doesn't shrink all the way down to its previous size, which gives it a head start in growing during the next pregnancy.

So, no, Chrissy. They aren't lying to you!

11. On Pregnancy Sneezes

Teigen is apparently really enjoying her sneezes during pregnancy, which leads me to believe that she does not have the seasonal allergies that I do. Pregnancy sneezes for me mean a silent prayer that I don't pee a little, but if they are "extremely pleasurable" for you, that's great!

12. On Those Headaches

One of the worst side effects to growing a little person is the intense headaches that can plague an expectant mother. Oftentimes, they can be staved off by proper hydration and sufficient sleep. However, the medley of causes behind these headaches — stress, increased blood flow, and caffeine withdrawal to name a few — can make them tricky to treat. Tylenol and magnesium supplements have been my go-to, but Teigen doesn't want to hear any of that. Good luck, girlfriend.

Teigen doesn't have much time left in her pregnancy, but that doesn't mean that her legion of followers will be losing out on all of these wonderful insights. As she experiences motherhood for the second time, I have no doubt that she will continue to share her hilarious honesty with the world.

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