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There Are No Words For How Cute Chrissy Teigen's Newest Baby Miles Video Is

If you make the commitment to follow Chrissy Teigen on Twitter and/or Instagram, her quirky and honest posts won't disappoint. Sure, she may be a successful model and a cookbook author — but really, her daily life isn't all that different from a lot of parents. Not to mention, she has a way of phrasing things that makes you want to "like" it a million times over. Mixed in with her hilarity, however, are some serious posts: Precious moments with her two adorable children, powerful political statements, honest glimpses of her postpartum body. And to be completely honest, Chrissy Teigens's newest video of baby Miles might just make your ovaries explode. (If you have them, that is.)

Teigen and Legend welcomed their second child — a baby boy they named Miles Theodore Stephens — on May 16, Us Weekly reported. Which means their little guy is nearly 3 months old at this point. (Can you believe it?! Where has this summer gone?) On Monday, the funny mom took to Instagram to share with her followers a sweet moment between herself and her infant son, Miles. In the video clip, mama Teigen is gently playing with her little guy's ears as he "talks" to her. His little coos and grunts are met with, "Yeah?" and other verbal acknowledgements from Teigen. Baby Miles seems to thoroughly enjoy his ear massage and one-on-one time with mama. Meanwhile, viewers simply could not handle how cute this little guy is. One of Teigen's followers declared, "CUTEST BABY 👶🏽 EVER!"

Another follower wrote, "I could watch this all day 😂😂he is a beautiful mix of mommy and daddy."

Yet another Instagram user commented, "Cuteness overload 😍😍😍😍"

One person in particular read my mind, writing, "Ovaries 💫💫💫"

Because truthfully, if I weren't already sitting here with a bump of my own, baby fever would have my ovaries all like...

Other of Teigen's followers brought up yet again how much Teigen's little boy looks like his father, John Legend. One person wrote, "Looking more like John every day 😃"

Another person commented, "He is so precious! Looks just like John💙"

Yet another Instagram user chimed in with, "I swear John Legend spit those babies out himself adorable."

This precious photo comes on the heels of another relatable (but decidedly less ovary-exploding post on Instagram.) Also on Monday, the mom of two shared a photo of herself holding baby Miles while standing in a stairway — with big sister, Luna, 2, sitting on a step and staring expressionless, PopSugar reported. Teigen captioned the shot with, “Luna. Luna please. Luna one smile. Please for mama. Okay that’s fine you don’t have to. Don’t listen to people that tell you to smile. But please can you smile. No it’s ok nevermind. Maybe one smile?” LOL. I'm pretty sure most feminist parents have struggled with this internal dilemma at some point. On one hand, you want to capture an adorable photo of your child looking happy. On the other hand, girls and women are told by society in general that they should be smiling for no reason in particular. So why reinforce these sexist expectations? (But smile already, dang it!)

Also, if you'd like to spit out coffee all over your keyboard, I'd like to invite you to watch this short clip from one of Teigen's posts last week. "I DID IT!! I learned gifs!" the mom of two captioned the clip, which features a shirtless John Legend rocking baby Miles... shortly followed by a Donald Trump head creepily emerging from their bed. "Can you do GIFs on a video?" Teigen can be heard asking from behind the camera. (Which she pronounced JIF and not GIF, as StudentEdge pointed out.) Horrifying, right? But also: LMAO.

If these three examples of hilarity and/or cuteness overload haven't convinced you to click "follow" on Chrissy Teigen's social media channels, then I'm not sure what will. (Maybe check out RedBook magazine's impressive list of some of her greatest parenting tweets.) Because despite her fame, this multi-talented mom seems so down-to-earth while still being able to tell it like it is. And from time to time, Teigen is also able to shock and amuse her followers with just how honest she's willing to be. What more could a fellow parent ask for in a social media personality?