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Chrissy Teigen's Photos From Her Family Vaca In Italy Will Give You So Much FOMO

As if you didn't already want to be her BFF and be invited over to her house for dinner, over the last few days, Chrissy Teigen has shared photos from her family vacation in Italy and, honestly, they're gonna give you a whole lot of FOMO. I mean, how could you not be a least a little envious of Teigen's current European summer vaca with her hubby John Legend, daughter Luna, and son Miles? Just one look at these photos shows that this whole brood is having the time of their lives and are totally relaxed.

Teigen, Legend, and their two young kiddos are currently on vacation in Italy, according to Us Weekly, and they're all clearly very much in vaca-mode. Over the past week, the couple has been sharing photos from their travels, documenting the completely normal things that mega celebrities do while on vacation, of course. According to Entertainment Tonight, they've been hanging out in Portofino, spending time on a yacht, and hanging out in pools. And best of all, Luna and Miles seem totally in their element.

But Miles, in particular, seems to be living his absolute best life. I mean, look at that boy's smile!

In other photos from Teigen's Instagram account, Miles can be seen embracing the yacht life and responding to all of Teigen's out of office emails. Hey, someone's gotta handle it!

"If you email me any time in the next seven days, this is who is replying," Teigen wrote in the caption of the adorable photo of Miles on her laptop.

But based on the expression of her little boy's face, 1-year-old Miles looks thrilled to be replying to his mom's very important emails while on a yacht off of the coast of Italy.

If you're feeling a little jealous of Teigen's relaxing and luxurious family vacation, you certainly aren't alone. Teigen's Instagram followers cannot get over how great their travels seem and how cute her kids are (especially Luna) while they're in vacation mode.

"When I grow up, I want to be Luna," one fan wrote.

"I'm doing life wrong," another follower added.

"This little infant is living his best life better than most of us and he don't even know it," one fan wrote about Miles.

There's probably a special reason why everyone looks like they're having such an amazing time on their vacation. After all, Italy is the location where Teigen and Legend fell in love. During an appearance on Access Live in June, Legend opened up about their super special connection to the European country. "I'd say that the time we fell in love was our first trip to Italy, and so we ended up getting married there, and we go back almost every year," he said, according to Elite Daily. "Italy is, like, our love spot."

Clearly Luna and Miles are loving Italy, too. They're obviously living their best lives there and enjoying every single second of it. And hopefully Teigen will bless her followers with a few more FOMO-inducing vacation photos soon.