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Chrissy Teigen's Photos Of Her Family Zoo Trip Is The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

I don't know about you, but the accounts I follow on Instagram are quite the eclectic variety of people and entities. There are personal friends and family, of course. But after that, it's a hodgepodge of celebrity parents and bloggers, political figures, restaurants, parody accounts, fitness gurus, and more. Mostly, though, I confess I'm in it for the adorable baby/kid photos — whether they're from celebrities or average Joe friends who recently had babies. I can't get enough! And seriously, Chrissy Teigen's photos of her family zoo trip are the cutest things you'll see all day.

On Saturday, Aug. 11, Chrissy Teigen shared a series of photos from her day at the zoo with her husband John Legend and their two children, Luna, 2, and baby Miles, People reported. Her first Instagram post of the day featured Luna roaring fiercely next to a statue of a crocodile. The mom of two appropriately captioned the shot with, "“Rawr!" And her followers promptly melted from the sheer cuteness of it all. One Instagram use wrote, "She is just PRECIOUS!"

Another person commented, "She’s just so cute it kind of hurts."

Yet another follower wrote, "I think Luna is the most adorable little girl I’ve ever seen."

The next photo featured all four members of the Legend/Teigen bunch getting up close and personal with a live zoo animal — although the mom of two admittedly had zero clue about what animal was actually perched on Legend's shoulder. "No idea what animal this is but i love it," she captioned the shot. Luckily, though, a few of her followers did. One person commented, "That is an adorable binturong! I used to work at the San Diego Zoo - did it smell like popcorn?"

Another follower chimed in with a similar sentiment, writing, "It appears to be an older binturong. They are cute! Did you notice his scent...."

Yet another person joked, "Isn’t that a Tasmanian fire breathing death bear?!?! OH MY GOD GET IT OFF HIM! Lol this is a great family moment."

The third and final zoo moment came in the form of a video of 2-year-old Luna talking excitedly to an animal. Teigen explained her daughter's toddler speak, writing, "OH MAMA YOU ARE SOOOO....HAPPY! (she calls every animal mama _____ or dada ______ depending on how masculine or feminine they look)" From the looks of the comments on this one, it seems Teigen's followers were experiencing full-on cuteness overload. One person wrote, "She’s amazing. I love her little voice."

Another follower commented, "That is literally the cutest friggin thing."

Yet another Instagram user confessed, "OMG I can't stop watching this video lol She is adorable!!"

For the record, it seems as though Legend and Teigen have made a trip to the zoo an annual family affair. In June 2017, she and Legend took little Luna — who was only 1 at the time — for a first zoo visit, ET Online reported. "Time for a zoo visit! #LunasFirstTour," Legend captioned an Instagram shot of his then family of three.

Aside from documenting zoo visits with her adorable family, Teigen has also kept followers regularly updated on her life as a mom of two since giving birth to baby Miles in May, Us Weekly reported. Like with this photo of Miles snoozing in a wrap.

Or this shot of Teigen tandem breastfeeding Miles and one of Luna's dolls. (LOL.)

And this clip of Teigen and her "pups."

So yeah. I'm pretty sure her millions of Twitter and Instagram followers have loved the model's raw, adorable, and often hilarious looks into parenting a toddler and a baby. And based on Chrissy Teigen's most recent photos, I'd say the family had a memorable Saturday visiting with animals at the zoo. My husband and I make it a point to visit the zoo about once a year — any more than one trip per summer is overkill for us. (Probably because keep track of three kids to the zoo is stressful AF and exhausting.) However, as I'm sure Teigen and Legend have discovered, the photos — and the memories that go along with them — make the effort so worth it in the end.