Chrissy Teigen's Photos Of Luna Will Make You Melt

It's hard to believe it's only been six weeks since Chrissy Teigen and John Legend became parents. Luna Simone Legend came into this world on April 16, and her eager first-time parents have been more than happy to document their journey of new parenthood on social media. Chrissy Teigen's photos of Luna have brought fans a glimpse into the adorableness of those early newborn weeks — and it's clear from all of the photos that, no matter how exhausted and worn out the couple might be, they are totally head over heels for their little girl.

Speaking to People Now last month, Teigen said that it's not all sunshine and roses, especially when it comes to capturing those sweet newborn moments on film. "It’s always scary wanting to get those photos, and [thinking] your phone is going to drop right next to the baby,” she said. “Sometimes I’m nursing her while I’m in hair and make-up and things can fall and you’re like, 'Oh my gosh. My little baby!'" Props to Teigen for the honesty! Because seriously, some of these gorgeous photos from her Instagram look like they could have been professionally shot rather than just taken off-hand with her smartphone.

For a 6-week-old, Luna Simone certainly is photogenic, as you can see from these five super cute photos from Teigan's Instagram:

Welcome, Luna!

The social media world got their first glimpse of Luna Simone just two days after she was born, in this sweet photo from April 19. Luna was born weighing 6 pounds, 11 ounces — a perfectly petite size. What makes this photo so special is that it's not only Luna's first public photo, but you can clearly see the wonderment on Teigen's face, too. The new mama captioned this sweet photo with "hi my lulu!"

Bath Time

"bath time is tooooo cute! my heart, it hurts." The 30-year-old new mama captioned this photo perfectly because this is one seriously heartwarming little photo. It's also one of those special photos that, unless you remembered to capture the moment on film, it's so easy to forget just how little and squirmy newborns are. And look at all those tiny little toes and fingers! That shock of dark hair! The muslin swaddling blanket to keep Luna from slipping in her baby tub! Man, it's all too much adorableness in one photo.

Bright Eyes

OK, this one's a little bit of a cheat, since technically this was originally husband John Legend's Instagram, but Teigen totally re-grammed this to her own account. In this over-the-shoulder photo of Luna, fans finally get a good glimpse at the little one's face – chubby baby cheeks and pouty smile included. From this photo, it's easy to see that Luna Simone definitely looks like both of her parents: You can totally see a little of mom in the smile and a little of dad in the eyes.

The Beginning

While this technically isn't a photo, this quick little of Luna from last week is too cute not to include. Baby Luna is rocking out to her daddy's 2013 song, "The Beginning."

Little Angel

On Memorial Day, Teigan treated fans to probably one of the cutest photos of Luna yet. Dressed in a little white frock, Luna's outfit was made all the more adorable with a pair of feathered wings: "Angel wings from @monicarosestyle 😩❤️😩❤️ so cute!" Teigan captioned the photo. This also appears to be the first photo of Luna actually wearing something more than just a diaper — with such stylish parents, Luna is bound to be one stylish baby. Thankfully, fans can stay on top of Luna's growing look book via Teigen's Instagram feed as her daughter grows, too.