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Chrissy Teigen's Plans For Luna's 3rd Birthday Are Simply Perfect

If there's one family I'd like to go on a vacation with — aside from my own, of course — it would definitely be the Legend-Teigen gang. They just seem like such a fun, drama-free group that knows how to have a good time. Chrissy Teigen's plans for Luna's 3rd birthday are exactly the kind of low-key family getaway that I could get on board with.

Speaking with Us Weekly, Teigen shared that Luna is "so into princesses right now." (Feels like an understatement, given the frequency of Luna's princess gown uniform, which she totally rocks.) So, the natural choice for her big day is a trip to the happiest place on Earth. "She's very into Disney movies," Teigen said, "I think we might do that, but she's not going to know until we're there." But she and John Legend aren't looking for a media circus of a celebration. "I think we're going to keep it small, keep it family, and make her Disney dreams come true. But it won't even be on the day."

She went on to explain that she's seen firsthand how celebrations on kids' birthdays don't go well when you drag a whole army of other little ones along for the ride. "I think we've been to enough kid's birthdays here in L.A. to know that, 'OK we can't do this,'" she told Us. Instead, it'll be a small family affair.

Teigen went on to explain that large scale birthday celebrations aren't really what kids want or need:

Because the kid is freaking out. They don't seem to ever have a good time. All the other kids have a great time, but the kid is usually totally overwhelmed, and a lot of times it's for the parents, honestly.

Instead, she's going to keep it all casual. "We're going to do a small thing at the house," she said, and Disney would come later. An intimate, family-focused birthday celebration with promises of a getaway down the road — that sounds like a dream come true.

But just because Teigen and Legend are planning to hold their family celebration closer to home, that doesn't mean the couple don't know how to get away with their loved ones. They have gone on their fair share of epic vacations — and they have the photos to prove it. Back in January, the family of four went to a tropical destination that E! Online suggested was likely Bali and shared some photos that will induce the most extreme vacation envy that you've ever experienced. However, Teigen shared a video of little Luna to Instagram that showed her looking less than impressed at the crystal-clear waters around her. So, maybe hanging out at home instead of heading straight to Disney is the right move.

Another reason to opt for at home festivities: kids can be difficult to travel with — but not impossible. Teigen spoke with Conde Nast Traveler last year about her experience traveling with the two little ones and her biggest concern when they fly:

I still love traveling ... Luna is really good on airplanes. She is at the age where she's excited by traveling. Miles just like sleeps, eats, sleeps, eats. All I worry about are their ears the whole time. [I] have a system that when we're taking off and when we're descending, I give them a bottle, so they have something to suck. You get those little tips down and then you are kind of good to go. I do feel for people when they get on their plane with kids. Everyone gives them that look.

It sounds like Teigen and Legend may have the chance to practice flying with Luna and Miles again soon enough, if the family's planning on heading to Disney World, in Florida. But, in the mean time, they have a sweet and simple celebration with their nearest and dearest to look forward to. And a home filled with family members may just be the actual happiest place on Earth; sorry, Disney.