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Chrissy Teigen's Son Miles "Finally" Gave His Mama A Kiss — VIDEO

When you're a new parent, every milestone is cause for celebration. We all dream of the day our kids will walk or write their own name, but there are so many other memorable moments in between. Like those simple but oh so special times when your baby signifies how much they love you. Chrissy Teigen recently experienced one of those. In fact, Teigen shared that her 16-month-old son Miles "finally" gave her a kiss after she waited for 16 months, and so many parents are chiming in to say they totally understand her bliss.

Teigen — who gave birth to Miles in May of last year and is also mom to her daughter Luna — shared the most heartwarming video on Instagram on Wednesday night of Miles giving his mama a kiss — a moment she's waited many, many months for. "Finally!!" she captioned the video. "Having a squirmy, busy busy baby is tough. I have been waiting so long for him to give me kisses! 16 months, worth the wait."

Immediately, friends and followers began commenting on how sweet the video is (it truly is, just look at Teigen's expression when Miles finally gives her a kiss) and also wondering when their babies will come to do the same.

"Moments like this make all of the struggles of motherhood completely disappear," one follower commented on the video. "So precious."

Another added, "Same! My squirmy boy is 10 months and won’t kiss me yet. I guess I can wait 6 more months."

"Isn’t it the best?! I love when my little guy puckers up," another commented. "Such a sweet reward for all the mommin'."

While Teigen, who shares her sweet babies with husband John Legend, is certainly one experienced mama by now — Luna is now 3 years old, Miles is 1 — it's clear these sweet milestones still mean the world to her. But this time around, overall, as Teigen recently shared with Good Housekeeping that, she's much more relaxed now as a mom of two.

"There's just something that comes along with second kids where you're just like, 'Eh, they're going to be fine. They'll survive," she told the magazine in April. "The biggest difference between one kid and two is finding that balance in between giving that special quiet time to your baby, and then having that rambunctious playtime where you really have to be on your toes... A lot of people, including us, overcompensate by wanting to make sure that that first child doesn't feel neglected. But it's also necessary because they're going a different stage, and they need more attention and stimulation."

Speaking of milestones, Teigen's daughter, Luna, had one recently as well. Earlier this month, according to TODAY, Teigen shared a video of her on Instagram last week sharing that she had a "cute, cute boyfriend" at preschool. “He always listens to my feelings. He always shares,” Luna tells her mom in the video, which she captioned: “oh mannnnn what the!? you’re three!!!” Luna continues: “Yeah. He has really long hair right to here. It’s brown,” and proceeds to say she will only go to his house if he asks.

Whether it's kisses or first crushes, Teigen's kids are growing up, and it's all happening so fast. And hopefully Teigen keeps on sharing their unbelievable cute moments with us.