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Chrissy Teigen's Kids Had The Best Babysitter During The Grammys

People missed Chrissy Teigen and John Legend on Sunday night when they didn't show up to the 2019 Grammy Awards. But they were having their own fun at home with their children — 2-year-old daughter, Luna, and 9-month-old son, Miles. Fans are loving that Teigen's baby Miles had an A-list baby sitter during the Grammy Awards — even if Teigen and Legend were on hand to take care of him, too.

Early Sunday evening, Teigen shared that she and her Grammy-Award-winning husband would be skipping the Grammys this year after attending so many of the red carpets together since 2008. Teigen revealed that the couple would be staying at home and watching the Grammys from their couch — where Legend just so happened to be taking a nap. "John got [an] EGOT and egot lazy," Teigen hilariously tweeted.

Sure, it would have been so much fun for the couple to have gotten dressed up and watched some of the most amazing performances on stage. But it looks like they had just as much fun hanging out with their friends and watching the show at home. I mean, they did they partake in some drinking (Teigen tweeted that she had about four glasses of wine at around 3:30 p.m. PT on Sunday). Good thing she and Legend had their friends on hand to watch their kids when things got a little too wild.

Teigen tweeted on Sunday night that her friend, actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, was around to "watch Miles" while she danced to Cardi B on the TV. In the words of Chrissy Teigen, "it is lit."

While it would have been so much fun for fans to see what Teigen would have worn on the red carpet, it was just as much fun for them to see her talking about the Grammys on Twitter. And she had a lot to say. She showed her support for her fellow moms (it makes sense that she is a huge Cardi B fan) but things got so out of hand that she asked her husband to take her phone from her.

Hey, moms need to have some fun, too — even if it's in their own home.

Teigen even got Ferguson to do more than just watch her son — she also got him to eat candy out of a miniature toilet bowl, too. "It's a toilet plunger," Ferguson said, laughing. Needless to say, their friendship is strong, and these videos have proven that, but this isn't the first time Ferguson shared some kind words about Teigen and Legend. In an interview with Us Weekly in October (shortly after Legend reached EGOT status), Ferguson told the magazine that he admires the famous couple (who he just so happens to be friends with):

They're a really sweet, humble couple and I couldn't imagine a nicer guy getting this honor. At this point, he's won all the awards that there are to win!

Ferguson may not have been a nominee tonight, but it looks like deserves to win an award for "best friend ever" because his devotion to Teigen — from eating her funny candy to babysitting her young son — shouldn't go unrecognized.