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Chrissy Teigen Shares Hilarious Photo Of Miles Nailing The Disaster Girl Meme

Out of all the celebrity parents, author and mom-of-two Chrissy Teigen is arguably the most plugged into meme culture. Not only does she regularly share funny memes with her millions of followers, but she got the meme treatment herself when she attended the Golden Globes in 2015. Now things have come full circle as Chrissy Teigen's son Miles recreated the "Disaster Girl" meme, a hilarious piece of internet culture first made famous in 2008.

Before I jump into Miles' recreation, here's a little history about the infamous meme, which shows a young girl giving a knowing smile in front of a burning house. The snap was taken by North Carolina dad Dave Roth, who took the picture of his daughter, Zoe, during a training drill for firefighters near the family's house, according to Refinery29. The photo took off in 2008 after it was published in JPG magazine, and people have photoshopped Zoe's grinning face against other disaster-like images. And although there was nothing at all sinister about Zoe watching her town's firefighters participate in a training drill, the meme gives off evil mastermind vibes.

Cut to 11 years later, and the Disaster Girl meme is still going strong. So strong, in fact, that Teigen shared a snap of Miles doing his best impression of the meme at what appears to be an airport. Posed against a window and grey sky with a streak of fire running through it, Miles turns back to the camera, flashing a knowing look. "Oh no," Teigen captioned the hysterical image, which she positioned against the Disaster Girl meme.

Teigen's creation has received nearly 200,000 likes as of Monday, and has been retweeted almost 8,000 times. One fan even went as far to photoshop Miles' face against the original house on fire, an image that's just too perfect.

"Oh NOOOOOOOOO (yes yes yes)," Teigen responded to the creation.

I'm curious to know what Zoe — who is an adult now — thinks about Teigen's adorable boy paying homage to her meme, even if it was unintentional. Zoe hasn't spoken out about the meme too recently, but did discuss how being famous of sorts has affected her in a 2018 interview with UNILAD, stating, "Funnily enough, some people asked to take a picture with me the other day at work for the first time ever! It affects me when people make games and books with me in it, but mostly my life hasn’t changed."

Now that Miles has revived the Disaster Girl meme, I have a feeling Zoe will get more photo-op requests in the near future.