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Chrissy Teigen's Tweet About The Presidential Debate Is All Of Us

It's time: The first presidential debate is upon us, and Americans are gathering in living rooms, at bars, and around laptop screens to watch things go down between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. With the nominees appearing neck and neck in recent polls, supporters on both sides are (understandably) feeling a little tense about it all. Actually, Chrissy Teigen's tweet about the debate likely sums up most people's feelings regarding this particular Monday night.

Teigen, who has made her support for Clinton pretty clear on social media recently, has been expressing frustration with this election cycle (and a certain Republican candidate) for a while now. Luckily for voters — and Tiegen fans — that means she's also been providing some pretty epic comic relief when it comes to this rather stressful election. For instance, after running a Twitter poll about some cookbook ideas in July, she wrote, "So many people are telling me they accidentally voted wrong on my twitter poll that i am genuinely worried for november."

On Monday night, Teigen decided to jump on the presidential debate drinking game bandwagon with a very simple idea: namely, just keep raising that glass. "Drinking game for tonight," Teigen wrote, "is to never stop."

Teigen, thank you for speaking for the entire world tonight. The New York Times called this year's first presidential debate "among the most highly anticipated presidential debates in American history" — and I'm guessing "highly anticipated" will mean, for most people, "really, really tense." After all, polls showed Clinton and Trump locked in a virtual tie before heading into the debate, according to CNN, leaving supporters on both sides feeling slightly high-strung.

Drinking until the debate ended really didn't sound bad at all.

Later in the night, Teigen expanded on the rules of her drinking game with a new tweet, one that revealed a little more about her political preferences:

Other Teigen contributions during the debate included a plea for Clinton to "go low," with Teigen adding, "I would match whatever depth of low he wants to fight at." She also compared watching a media organization's coverage to "taking a bath in fire ants" and likened Trump to The Office's Michael Scott. In other words, Teigen did not hold back on her live-tweeting of the first presidential debate, and it was entertaining all around.

Now, all we have to do is cross our fingers and hope Teigen's up for some more tweeting during the second presidential debate.