Chrissy Teigen poses with her daughter Luna and husband John Legend.
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Luna Legend Hilariously Got A Case Of The Shivers In Target's Refrigerator Aisle

Target — is there any place in the world like it? From wandering through the store's brightly lit aisles to browsing the latest beauty products or cute baby clothes, there's a lot to love about this special store. But all the meandering around can wear on a person, including the kids. And Chrissy Teigen's video of daughter Luna hilariously "shivering" in Target's frozen aisle is the perfect example of this.

The Lip Sync Battle host's post shared Wednesday simply reads, "spent 3 hours in target yesterday." And I think it's safe to say that we've all been there before. Go in for one thing, and then voila — you're spending the next three hours looking around at random stuff you don't need.

As for the video in question, it shows 3-year-old Luna sitting in her mom's Target shopping cart snacking on a container of Ritz Bits. Side note: If you don't give you kid a snack while you're shopping at Target, you are missing out on a few extra moments of uninterrupted shopping time. Feed those kids!

Teigen's cart — which Luna is sitting in — appears piled high with what looks like ice cream, Halloween-themed cheese balls, toys, and a whole lot more. And because they're in the refrigerator aisle, it's understandable that Luna seems a little cold. She adorably shivers in response to the frigid air, shrugging her little shoulders as one strap of her cute fall-colored top falls down. Her face is so animated, making the whole scene very dramatic indeed. Some might even say she looks like a mini-Teigen.

As one can imagine, Instagram was bursting with comments from fans who just couldn't get over Luna's cuteness and Teigen's epic Target marathon.

Props to this Instagram user who said, "When your child acts just like you," because this is a case of like mother like daughter if I ever saw one.

"Hahahahaha who needs TV when u have her?" another amused commenter chimed in.

Others commiserated with Teigen over the length of her trip, with one fan writing: "Glad I’m not the only that goes to Target for hours."

Another called three hours in Target "an appropriate amount of time." To each their own, right?

As for Luna's reaction to the dramatic change in temperature, this fan said, "To her credit, they do keep the fridge section as cold as the arctic."

Yes, celebs drag their kids along for marathon Target runs just like the rest of us. But Teigen has a deeper connection to Target than just being a one-stop shop for her household essentials. Teigen debuted her Target collab Cravings in September 2018, featuring everything you need to prep, cook, and serve a delish meal.

The big box store also debuted the follow up to her best selling cookbook, Cravings: Hungry for More, in the same month last year.

So was Luna's subtle hint enough to get her out of Target? When you're that cute, you've gotta have some pull with mom. At least she got some good snacks out of the 3-hour event. Here's to many more shopping trips, ladies.