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Chrissy Tiegens's Message About Her Post Baby Body Is Something All Women Should Hear

By now it's pretty much confirmed that Chrissy Teigen is the baddest M.I.L.F. (that F is for follow, everyone) around but she always manages to one-up herself. Today, Chrissy Teigen's message about her post baby body is the nicest thing and all women — post baby or not — should hear and remember. Like, every time you look in the mirror and have that split second of self-doubt, channel Teigen. She knows how to freaking live. Teigen told E! News that she loves watching Luna and her husband John Legend together, but that she especially likes how her husband looks at her. "John actually loves the new pieces!" she joked. She also straight up admitted that she's in her own little "rut" about hurrying to get back into shape.

Teigen also was open about how she's been depending on good undergarments to pull off some of the public looks that many fans have been gushing over. Because seriously, when you have a new baby, a busy life, and a love of all things cheesy, who has time for obsessive Soul Cycling and deprivation? The most important thing is feeling good in your own skin (and enjoying, if one wants, the gaze of her hot husband).

Teigen said, "You just realize you have to give yourself time and understand that you push out a baby, and it took this long to put on the weight, and it's not going to peel right off, and that's OK." It's so nice to hear someone say that out loud. Because losing weight is not easy and it takes time. It's also not necessary, unless you it's something that makes you feel better. Teigen is really good at reminding people how important (and sexy) it is to not give a damn about what anyone else thinks.

Teigen also talked about how nice it is watching Luna and Legend hang out together. She said, "She comes to me, she wants boobs, she wants food, and she looks at me and she giggles at me and she laughs." But Legend has a little something extra. "But when she looks at him, it's like these dreamy, weird, different eyes and it's so sweet to see. I think there's no relationship like a father-daughter relationship so it's really cool to see them together," she said.

Between all the self-love and enjoying each other's company, the Legend family seems almost too perfect. But it's probably just that they have a darn good attitude about things.