Christina Anstead sat with Tarek El Moussa's family at their daughter's Christmas show.
Noel Vasquez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Christina Anstead Beautifully Explains Why She Prioritizes Co-Parenting

by Gillian Walters

Christina Anstead and Tarek El Moussa finalized their divorce in January 2018, which was a difficult time for both parties. But Anstead has since found love with husband Ant Anstead, while El Moussa has a new girlfriend, Heather Young. And now that both parents have moved on, Christina Anstead revealed she and her ex-husband co-parent beautifully, as they recently demonstrated at their daughter's Christmas show.

Anstead and El Moussa are parents to Taylor, 9, and Brayden, 4. The two are working toward becoming the best co-parents they can be to their kids, which Anstead touched on in a post shared Tuesday. "Tay’s Christmas performance was sooo cute!!" she began. "Glad my dad got to come too. We all sit together- my family and Tarek’s family."

Really cool, right? It's takes such a load of stress off when everyone gets along.

"A couple people acknowledged how nice this is- I know there are a lot of divorced couples (including Tarek’s mom and dad) who do this too and it’s honestly easier for everyone," she continued. "Plus Taylor’s face lights up when she sees us all in the same row supporting her."

My divorced parents still hang out together at family events, and I can attest to Anstead's sentiment. Family just doesn't disappear overnight.

What's great about El Moussa and Anstead's situation is that their partners are all on-board with this setup. "Looks beautiful! One team! X," Ant commented on Anstead's post.

Someone else said, "Once a family always a family!"

"Love this," another commenter wrote. "My parents have also always done this. Now that I am an adult I realize what a selfless act this is and it has always meant the world to me!!!"

A fan shared, "We always did with our kids too. It is much easier for the kids when parents co parent.. and our kids are grown and we still do it now."

Of course, some families are more complicated than others. And if co-parenting isn't happening for you right now, that's OK. But for Anstead and El Moussa, uniting as one team is what works best for them at the moment.