Christina Applegate's Super Bowl Ad Hilariously Nails One Aspect Of #MomLife

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing particularly easy or fun about being up in the middle of the night with a crying newborn, or trying to teach a toddler how to poop on the potty. But as much as we might mentally brace ourselves for those early-days parenting challenges, it doesn't actually get much easier once kids get older. In fact, there are few things more annoying than the perpetual hell of constantly-bickering siblings, but if that's your life at the moment, you definitely won't want to miss Christina Applegate's Super Bowl commercial. In the M&M's ad, Applegate is pretty much everyone who's ever dealt with squabbling backseat kids, and it will make all seasoned parents LOL.

The candy company tapped Applegate to promote its newest product, the recently-released M&M's chocolate bar, according to The Chicago Tribune, and in the ad, they opted to recreate one very familiar parenting scenario. As Applegate drives down a suburban street in her SUV, she has to endure a steady steam of fighting and complaining from the backseat. Like any parent though, she becomes increasingly agitated, and tries her best to take deep breaths while imploring her passengers to just leave each other alone already. But like all of us, Applegate can only take so much: after screeching the car to a halt, she turns around and screams, "I will eat all of you alive right now," leaving three stunned, chocolate-entombed M&M's requesting that she consider simply breaking them apart instead.

While the concept of the ad may not be massively original, it's still entertaining because, well, it's *so* accurate. After all, who hasn't been the same twitchy, angry, parent trying desperately to focus on the road while their kids argue over who's breathing who's air in the backseat? In fact, while we may not exactly be threatening to eat our whining children alive, are you even really a parent if you haven't promised to stop the car and break your kids apart like an M&M's chocolate bar?

In other words, this ad is definitely there for the parents, and it at least helps make light of an otherwise mega-frustrating aspect of trying to do anything when you're also expected to serve as a sibling referee.

Anyone hoping to catch the spot during its actual Super Bowl LIII debut will want to be sure they're paying attention early on in the broadcast: according to People, the ad will air during the first commercial break after kickoff. Applegate told the magazine that she was "unbelievably thrilled" that she was asked to star in the commercial, though as a mom to her 7-year-old daughter, Sadie, she also admitted that it was "not a hard stretch" to play an exasperated parent.

Like pretty much all moms though, Applegate shared that she has her own strategies to help deal with parenting's more frustrating moments. She told People,

I turn music on in the front of the car and try to just listen to that instead of their screaming behind me … you can only say 'please stop that' so many times and not be listened to before you go completely bonkers.

The ad itself wasn't the brand's only super-relatable offering though. Before the full-length commercial was released, M&M's shared a teaser clip showing Applegate loading up her SUV and attempting to leave the grocery store ahead of her drive home, but having to deal with her backseat pranksters locking and unlocking the doors on her from the inside. And honestly, it's enough to give any tired parent some serious stress-flashbacks:

Although enduring exasperating backseat sibling arguments seems to be a universal (and inescapable) reality for parents, it doesn't really make it any easier. Thanks to Applegate and the M&M's Super Bowl commercial, though, at least we can all have a chance to laugh about it.