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Claire's Has Recalled Jojo Siwa Cosmetic Kits Due To Asbestos Contamination

If your tween is a fan of YouTube sensation JoJo Siwa, then you may need to have a close look at their playful cosmetic products in your home. On June 6, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a safety alert that Claire’s has recalled JoJo Siwa cosmetic kits due to asbestos contamination and the store has already stopped selling the kits as a result. But if you purchased the cosmetic kit before the recall was announced, here's what you need to know.

The FDA's safety alert on June 6 was part of a larger "ongoing" investigation the agency had been conducting into asbestos contamination of cosmetic products. According to the FDA, this recall is specifically for “Claire’s JoJo Siwa Makeup Set, SKU #888711136337, Batch/Lot No. S180109” because it tested positive for the presence of asbestos. The FDA's recall notice also stated that Beauty Plus Global Contour Effects Palette 2 has been recalled for the same reason.

This recent round of testing was a continuation of studies that began earlier in 2019, which "confirmed the presence of asbestos in three of the product samples collected from Claire’s," according to the FDA.

Claire’s told Romper in a statement that it "voluntarily recalled the JoJo Cosmetic Kit out of an abundance of caution after testing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration indicated the possible presence of trace amounts of asbestos fibers in the powder eyeshadow element of the kit."

The statement continued, "Claire’s stands behind the safety of this item and all other Claire’s cosmetic items, as such small trace amounts are considered acceptable under European and Canadian cosmetic safety regulations. In addition, last year Claire’s moved to talc-free cosmetic manufacturing to prevent any further concerns about talc contamination. Claire’s also supports increased FDA oversight of personal care products."

Claire's added that the company will provide a full refund to any customers who purchased the recalled product.

In a statement on Claire's website, the company said it "is not aware of any adverse reactions, injuries or illness caused by the possible presence of asbestos in the recalled products. Inhalation of asbestos over time has been linked to serious adverse health consequences."

If you or your child have had any adverse effects from using any cosmetic product, the FDA recommends filling out the MedWatch voluntary reporting form available on their website. And, of course, consult with a trusted health care professional.

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Siwa — who became a sensation on the TV show Dance Moms, according to People, and later took her talents to YouTube where her channel now boasts an impressive 9.8 million subscribers — has not yet commented on the recalled products. But the 16-year-old YouTube personality, like any good pop star, still has a booming line of merchandise, which includes the colorful hair bows she’s famous for wearing, according to PopSugar.

Recalls are always unsettling to hear about, but it's good to know the potentially contaminated products are out of stores and offline. However, if your child does have a JoJo Siwa Makeup Set at home, be sure they stop using it ASAP and return to Claire’s.

Editor's Note: This article has been updated to include a statement from Claire's.