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Cliff Hogg III Is Playing His Own Game On 'Big Brother'

Season 21 of Big Brother is in full swing, and the house is already seeing plenty of drama. In the last episode, Cliff was put on the chopping block, but fans aren’t ready to see him leave just yet. He’s an interesting character who seems to have much more strategy in him than he lets on. You may be looking for Cliff Hogg III’s Instagram from Big Brother to learn more about him, but unfortunately, it’s set to private.

You can however look to his series profile and various interviews to find out what he’s really about. In his Big Brother bio, Cliff is described as a 53-year-old petroleum engineer from Houston who is “funny, stubborn, and caring” and enjoys activities like jet skiing, fishing, swimming, scuba diving and gardening. He enjoys political debates, learned to drive at age seven, swam with alligators, won awards for rowing, and he describes himself as “the jokester” of his family.

But don’t let Cliff’s sweet southern look and charm fool you. In an interview with ET Canada, he revealed that he’s been through many diverse experiences in life, and knows much more about the world than he lets on. “I’ve traveled all over the world, so I’ve got a lot of stories,” he told the outlet. “I’ve slept under bulletproof blankets, had guns pulled one me, been involved with flooding, mobs, the criminal type, the government type — Working the oil field, there’s way too many places that have oil where things aren’t always so good or so friendly. I’ve been to a lot of places all over the world.”

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In Episode 2, Cliff was part of the first group to be sent out for elimination, but made his way back. And in the latest episode, he was again nominated for elimination. Going into the show, Cliff new his age might make him more vulnerable, and he told ET Canada that he had a strategy for that.

“Being an older guy makes me a little bit of a target, so I think I’m about to play a little more aggressively than maybe I would otherwise if I was fitting more into the rest of the group,” said Cliff. “I learned a long time ago as a kid that if you can become the teacher’s pet during the first week or two, and really make people start making assumptions about you, it becomes a lot easier to change over time, and people don’t want to admit that they misjudged you. So I’m going to start off very nice and friendly and all.”

Monty Brinton/CBS

He added that initially, he’s going to try and befriend the strongest alpha-male players in the house, and tell them he’ll be a loyal soldier, while he lurks in the background and lets them take the heat. I know Cliff’s counting on his “teacher’s pet” strategy to help him stay in the game, but as of now, it doesn’t look like the method is taking. However, he’s not alone on the chopping block, and Christie did promise him that he’s being used as a fake pawn to get Kat eliminated. But anything can happen on Big Brother, and viewers will just have to sit tight and see how long Cliff’s strategies keep him in play.

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