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Clues About The Sex Of Khloe Kardashian's Baby All Point To One Answer

The Kardashian-Jenner family can play coy all they want, but when you invite the entire world into your home (via TV cameras) for a decade, the public is going to feel entitled to know all of your business. So while nobody in the family will even address the rumors, fans are going nuts looking for clues about the sex of Khloe Kardashian's baby, which may or may not exist at all (Kardashian has not returned Romper's request for comment, or anyone's, for that matter). The truth is out there, and it'll come out eventually. I give it about six to nine months, tops.

The extended family is currently awaiting anywhere from one to three new additions, as Kim Kardashian West finally confirmed that her surrogate is pregnant by sharing a clip of the season premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sept. 28. But if it was meant as a distraction, it was too little, too late, because TMZ claimed on Sept. 26 that Khloe was also expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson, just days after reporting that their youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, was also pregnant with rapper Travis Scott's baby (Jenner has not returned Romper's request for comment, either). Is any of this true? They won't say! But here's everything that points to "yes, and it's a boy," or "yes, and it's a girl."

This Very Scientific Poll

A Twitter account run by a British fashion brand posed the question to the public at large, and it was a tie. Of the two people who responded, one thinks it's a girl, and one reported that they don't care.

This Obvious Hint

Just one week ago, Kardashian herself posted a tight shot of a big ol' pile of pink flowers to Instagram, captioning it, "a few of my favorite things." Pink things are her favorite! Because pink is a girl's color! She's having a girl, you guys! She said so herself!

Kylie's Klues

Right in the middle of all the are-they-or-aren't-they drama, Jenner straight-up told us all the truth via two cryptic Snapchat posts. First, a picture of three buns, as in buns in the oven, as in her oven, her sister's oven, and her other sister's rented oven. Three babies confirmed. She also posted a pic of three phone cases — a pink one, a blue one, and another pink one — captioned, "Which one? I'm thinking blue..." according to BuzzFeed. If the order of the cases corresponds to the sisters' rumored due dates, that means that Baby Kardashian-West is a girl, Baby Jenner-Scott is a boy, and Baby Kardashian-Thompson is another girl.

This Filter

In addition to matching fetuses, the sisters also currently have matching blonde hair. Kardashian took to Instagram to show hers off with a very interesting filter choice: pink hearts! As we've established twice by now, any time a reportedly pregnant woman shows any affinity for the color pink, it means that she's gestating a female child. It's science, man.

Daddy's Playlist

What has Thompson been listening to lately? "Lullaby" by Belly. "Lullaby," which is what you sing to a baby. By Belly, as in where his baby is. And what color is the font? You guessed it, pink once again. Case closed.

You don't have to be a detective (or an OB-GYN, or someone who actually knows Kardashian personally) to be able to tell beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is totally pregnant with a baby girl, and mark my words, she'll be confirming it any day now. Unless, of course, she's not pregnant at all, and she's just a master troll. Definitely one of those two things.

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