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Amelia's Fate On 'Grey's Anatomy' May Not Be As Dire As Fans Think

If you're a Grey's Anatomy fan, you know that every season at least one character dies. Whether it's a patient, a guest star, or a main character, someone always ends up meeting a tragic end on this show. Still, there are some deaths that are more devastating than others. If Amelia Shepherd dies, there will probably be mixed feelings about it. She's not everyone's favorite character, to say the least. However, there are clues that Amelia won't actually die on Grey's Anatomy.

At the end of the Season 14 premiere, it was revealed that Amelia has a brain tumor. Thankfully, it was revealed last week that the tumor is benign, but it still means she has to get brain surgery, which Amelia knows from experience can lead to a number of complications. Amelia was hesitant to tell anyone about her condition, but during the third episode of the season she was convinced to first let her superiors know, because there was no way she could continue doing surgery after finding out about her tumor. After that, she slowly revealed it to her family, beginning with Maggie, who then told Meredith, and then Owen.

Now, based on the preview for this week's episode, fans are nervous show creator Shonda Rhimes may actually kill off Amelia. But there's no reason to fear. Here are some clues Amelia isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

This Is Supposed To Be A "Lighter and Funnier" Season

With the return of OG Grey's writer Krista Vernoff, stars of the show told The Hollywood Reporter that this season would be "lighter and funnier" and have more "comedy." Well, I don't know about you, but I don't think Amelia dying would be all that funny.

She's the Last Dr. Shepherd

After the death of Derek Shepherd, which most fans still haven't forgiven Rhimes for, Amelia's the only Dr. Shepherd left. Since the start of the show, there's always been a Dr. Shepherd in the hospital. Even when Derek left for his job in D.C., that's when Amelia took over. To kill off Amelia and leave Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital completely Dr. Shepherd-less would be heartbreaking.

Amelia's Been Through Enough

If you haven't watched Private Practice, you haven't seen first hand all the trauma Amelia has been through. She constantly battled her addiction, the man she loved died while in bed with her, and then her baby was born without a brain. On Grey's, her brother died, leading her to have a relapse and having to get clean again, then she married Owen, and let's face it, that's just been a mess. Basically, Amelia's been through enough. To kill her now, before she's really found any kind of happiness or stability in her life wouldn't be fair. She deserves better.

Owen's Been Through Enough

Owen literally just got his sister, who's been missing for a decade, back and now the show's going to kill off his wife? How rude! Sure, Owen and Amelia have been having their issues, but he stills loves her. For Amelia to die now, that would be heartbreaking for Owen and he's had enough heartbreak. Just let Owen be married and happy, for once.

She's In The 300th Episode

Although it hasn't been announced when exactly the 300th episode will air, it will be this season and Caterina Scorsone, who plays Amelia, will definitely be in it. If Amelia dies in this week's episode, why would she be in the 300th episode? Sure, the episode will probably have some callbacks to things that have happened over the past 299 episodes, but Amelia dying would be much too recent for some kind of flashback. Therefore, it seems more likely she'll survive her brain surgery and be healthy and alive for the milestone episode.

You can find out Amelia's fate when Grey's airs on Thursday at 8 p.m. EST.

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