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Clues April Doesn't Die On 'Grey's Anatomy' That Every Fan Needs To Hear

by Zakiya Jamal

Grey's Anatomy fans were left feeling very nervous after the preview for this week's episode aired. The promo showed April Kepner (Sarah Drew) seriously injured and with Drew due to exit the series after this season, fans have now jumped to the conclusion that she's going to die. Thankfully, there are actually a number of clues that April doesn't die on Grey's Anatomy, which should help put your mind at ease.

Speculation that April would be killed off the show began a while ago when news first broke that Drew, along with Jessica Capshaw, wouldn't be returning for the next season of Grey's. Earlier this year, April was in a bad place where she was seriously questioning her faith and ended up drinking a lot and sleeping with various men — something that was quite out of character for her. Fans feared that April had gone off the deep end and she'd end up hurting herself or perhaps dying in a drunk driving incident.

Thankfully, after talking to a dying rabbi, April found God again and she's been doing quite well ever since. That's why the teaser for this Thursday's episode was so shocking. However, before you start mourning April, check out these clues that hint this beloved doctor will probably be just fine.

It's Way Too Obvious

Grey's loves a good bait and switch. They've done it twice this season with Amelia and then again with Dr. Bailey. What better way to make sure viewers tune in than to insinuate a major character is going to die. The fact that the teaser makes April's death seem like a sure thing most likely means it isn't.

April's Planning Alex & Jo's Wedding

Previously, April volunteered herself to plan Alex and Jo's wedding. Since their wedding is taking place in the finale, it seems fair to assume April will be alive to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Sure, Alex and Jo could just plan it themselves if April dies, but if April does die wouldn't they be too busy grieving to move forward with their wedding so soon after the fact?

Someone's Only "Seriously Injured" During The Episode

The episode description states, "One of Grey Sloan Memorial's own is seriously injured, making the team reflect on what is truly important to them." Granted, the episode wouldn't give it away if someone were to die, but it seems more like whatever happens to April will be more of a close call, not another death everyone will have to mourn.

April Deserves Better

April has been through a lot since she's been on the show. Sure, she hasn't gone through the range of bad things Meredith Grey has suffered through, but she still deserves a happy ending. To kill off April, especially after she just found God again, would be incredibly cruel to the character and the fans who love her.

Her Death Could Alienate More Fans

Along those same lines, fans have already started a campaign to boycott the series now that Drew and Capshaw are leaving. If the show decides to not only get rid of April, but to kill her off as well, any dedicated viewers who may have been willing to look past Drew's exit, could change their minds.

Obviously, there are number of reasons why it's unlikely April will actually be killed off Grey's Anatomy, but the only way to know for sure is to tune into the new episode, which airs on Thursday, May 10 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.