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Bonnie May Not Be Dead On 'HTGAWM' & These Clues Prove It

by Zakiya Jamal

In the second to last episode of How to Get Away With Murder Season 4, Nate called Annalise to tell her there was a car accident. Throughout the back half of the season Bonnie had feared Jorge was trying to kill her by messing with her car and prior to Nate's phone call, Denver was seen talking to Jorge about Bonnie. Thus, it wasn't a far leap for people to assume it was Bonnie in the car accident. However, there are clues Bonnie isn't actually dead on HTGAWM, so fans shouldn't lose hope.

Although Bonnie has certainly made a number of mistakes over the course of the four seasons of HTGAWM, so has pretty much every other character on the series. Thus, Bonnie doesn't deserve to die and most fans don't want to see that happen. Instead, the majority would very much like it if Bonnie stayed amongst the living, but with a show that has "murder" in the title, it's hard to trust that Bonnie will be OK, especially when all signs point to her being dead.

Still, fans refuse to buy into what the HTGAWM writers are selling. Instead, they've come up with theories and ideas about why there's no way Bonnie's dead. Here's just a few of those clues...

It May Not Have Been Bonnie's Car In The Accident

Twitter user Carlos Lizama suggests that the smashed car that was seen at the end of Episode 14 wasn't even Bonnie's, but someone else's entirely. While I know nothing about cars, Reddit user JawnF corroborates this theory, noting that Bonnie's car is "a Toyota Prius that has a hatchback" whereas the car seen in the accident is a Sedan and that the rims of the two cars are different.

There's Been No News Of Liza Weil Leaving

Liza Weil, who plays Bonnie, hasn't given any word that she'll be exiting the TV series, nor has any of the cast or crew. Though they may want to keep that under wraps since it would certainly spoil the mystery of whether or not Bonnie is dead, it still seems suspicious that there hasn't even been rumors of someone leaving the cast this season, especially because Weil is a series regular so her leaving would be a big deal.

Tegan Could've Been In the Car Crash

Tegan knew that getting on Jorge's bad side could very well be deadly, and once the Antares files went missing, her life was on the line. It was Tegan's key card and password that Michaela and Oliver used to get access to the files so she was definitely at fault, at least in Jorge's eyes probably. She tried to get a handle on things by becoming Simon's lawyer, but Annalise shut that down real quick. Once Tegan was fired by Simon, Jorge may have thought she was useless and decided to just take her out for her failure to do her job and losing the files to his daughter.

Bonnie's Death Would Be Too Predicatable

The fact that show has been dropping clues for a while now that Bonnie would die pretty much indicates that she actually won't. HTGAWM loves red herrings and pulling the rug out from under their viewers. They've done it time and time again, thus it's most likely they're just leading fans to believe Bonnie dies so that when the real victim is revealed fans will be shocked.

To find out whether or not Bonnie is actually dead on HTGAWM, tune in to the season finale on Thursday, March 15 at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. You won't want to miss this one!