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Clues Corinne Won't Win Over Nick's Heart

Despite the fact that Corinne Olympios isn't winning over the other ladies on The Bachelor, she is winning over one pretty important person: the Bachelor himself, Nick Viall. Though her intensity and singleminded hunt for Nick may not make her very appealing to the women also trying to make time with him, Nick clearly enjoys Corinne's company. He finds her playful and fun, and he also appreciates her assertiveness. But while they seem to share a connection, there are clues Corinne won't win The Bachelor.

Corinne is dedicated to taking any opportunity she can to spend time with Nick and he seems more than fine with it, but the other women in the house are less impressed. It has become such a point of contention that after witnessing a bouncy house interaction between Corinne and Nick, several of the women brought their concerns directly to him, with some doubting his motives and intentions. Vanessa even said that she ought to leave if Corinne was the kind of person Nick was interested in. It's all very blown out of proportion dramatic, but it is causing problems in the house. And the general Corinne controversy isn't the only reason why she might not end up with Nick.

The Drama

Drama is a key factor in all reality TV, but there just might be too much drama when it comes to Corinne. She may end up being too divisive, so unless the issues between her and the other women can be resolved, it may cost Corinne that final rose.

It's Too Early To Tell

Corinne may be getting all the attention now, but only four episodes of the season have aired so far. There's no way to know what changes the upcoming episodes will bring that could help Corinne achieve her goal – or prevent her from doing so.

She's Too Young

And I don't mean the Lifetime movie. While age differences absolutely aren't a problem for some couples, Nick is 36 and Corinne is just 24. That's a big gap, particularly because Corinne, despite being an avowed businesswoman, is kind of immature. She needs another person to make her bed every day, she apparently cannot clean a spoon, and she used a bouncy princess castle as a tool of seduction. The height of maturity, she is not.

Corinne In Paradise

Corinne needs to be on Bachelor in Paradise. This is not up for debate. She would be perfect for the tipsy beach shenanigans of that show, and she can't travel to Paradise if she's engaged to Nick. It may seem like I'm putting my entertainment above Corinne's future happiness, but please: imagine the possibilities.

She's The Chad

Like many people who excel on reality TV, Corinne is an expert at doing things that get her attention from both the cameras and the audience. She's a real character, which makes her fun to watch, but tough to take seriously. Like Chad on the last season of The Bachelorette, Corinne is entertaining. But usually attention-grabbing contestants simply fizzle out eventually. It doesn't mean Corinne is undeserving or anything like that: it's just that as things get more serious, there's less of a place for eating lunch meats threateningly or hopping into bouncy castles.

But hey, what do I know? I'm not psychic. Nick could end up surprising everyone and proposing to Corinne at the end of it all. Only time will tell.