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Miss Tina's Instagram Proves The Twins Are Here, Hear Me Out

by Korey Lane

So, in case you've somehow missed the latest news: Beyoncé has reportedly given birth to her twins. Well, probably. While neither Bey nor her husband, JAY-Z, have actually confirmed the news, it's pretty much an undisputed fact at this point. Mostly. Of course, a lot of people won't believe the news until Beyoncé confirms it herself, which is totally understandable. But, there are actually some clues from Miss Tina's Instagram that practically prove they're here. And isn't confirmation from Bey's own mother proof enough?

Several news outlets reported the twins' birth back on June 17, but there has been relatively little additional information since then. Reports alleged that the twins were staying in the hospital a little longer than expected due to a "minor issue," but it wasn't long before sources also confirmed the new family of five had left the hospital. Since then, though, coverage has been relatively thin on the latest additions to the Carter family. Other than the alleged names of the twins being leaked, news outlets have remained mum on the issue lately.

Because of this, some fans are still skeptical that the twins are indeed here. But, trust, Miss Tina's Instagram (or "Miss Tina Lawson," for anyone searching for official names) does not disappoint. And if you're not a believer in the birth of the twins, you will be after this article.

When She Was Hopeful Soon Before The Twin News Broke

June 8 was a big day for Miss Tina's Instagram. Her last post on the social media site was on June 6, and the above photo was the first post she'd made in two days, when she usually posts pretty regularly. It was also ten days before the news broke of Bey's twins being born. Coincidence? Maybe. But, with the caption, "God is Good All the Time❤️," it sure does seem as though Lawson is thankful for something. Maybe the fact that Bey was due soon, perhaps? Or had already given birth?

When She Appreciated Postpartum Bodies

On June 15, three days before the twin new broke, Miss Tina posted the above photo, praising the man for " embracing all of his woman!" "Takes a real man with-confidence to not be shallow and to love the process of having a baby and getting stretch marks," she wrote. Hmmm. Why was she thinking about having babies on that day? Was it because her own daughter was about to give birth, or maybe already had? Either way, all signs point to the twins. All of them.

The Day The News Broke

June 18, the world changed. News "officially" broke that Beyoncé had given birth to the twins, and fans everywhere awaited some kind of formal confirmation. Miss Tina, for her part, remained pretty sly about it all, naturally. "God lets things happen in his time not ours!" she wrote with the above post. "Don't try to rush him!" she continued. Rush what, Miss Tina? Maybe this was her way of telling fans that Bey would confirm the news when she was ready, on her own terms.

When She Was Honoring Blue Ivy (?)

Becoming an older sibling isn't easy. Especially when you're young, and so used to being an only child. So, while this may be reading too much into things, could Miss Tina's Fourth of July outfit be dedicated to her oldest grandchild, Blue Ivy? Maybe she's wearing all blue to be patriotic, true, but what if she wants to assure little Blue that she will always love her, no matter what? Could be.

OK, so some of the "clues" might be a bit of a stretch, to be honest. But the Knowles/Carter/Lawsons do not mess around when it comes to dropping a few hidden hints to fans. Really, at this point, anything is up for debate.