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Clues That Jaime Lannister Is Azor Ahai Will Make 'GoT' Fans Question Everything

On Game of Thrones, Azor Ahai is a figure of myth and legend: a warrior from Westeros' earliest days, he was able to beat back the Long Night. Prophecy says he will be reborn to tackle those threats once again, and many have wondered just who Azor Ahai reincarnated will be. Though it hasn't dominated the narrative on the show, it's definitely a question. The most obvious guesses are Daenerys or Jon Snow as they're already heroes who have accomplished incredible feats. But clues Jaime Lannister is Azor Ahai on Game of Thrones could indicate there's a more unexpected possibility that will play out. And Jaime being Azor Ahai would definitely be unexpected.

The Lannisters hardly have a glowing reputation, Jaime included. He was responsible for Bran's paralysis after pushing him out a tower window. He stood by while his father and sister committed all manner of horrors, and he made it clear he placed his incestuous love for Cersei above any moral obligations. But over the years Jaime has also shown signs of wanting to be more than that, of hoping to be like one of the honorable knights he idolized as a child. His redemption, such as it is, has been a rocky road, but there's a chance he could have an important destiny awaiting him. And these clues help to further prove that point.

When The Red Star Bleeds

Melisandre's description of Azor Ahai's rebirth mentions a bleeding red star. There are more literal interpretations of that, but blogger Dorian the Historian took a different look at it. The sigil of House Martell is a red sun (i.e., a star) and Jaime has a connection to the deaths of at least two Martells. Elia Martell was murdered during the Sack of King's Landing on the orders of Tywin Lannister. But the death of Oberyn Martell had a more personal impact on Jaime, because it meant Tyrion was found guilty of Joffrey's murder and had to leave town. When a red star bleeds, a Lannister isn't far behind.

Born Again Amidst Smoke And Salt

Smoke and salt are said to be important factors in Azor Ahai's rebirth, and Jaime's recent near-drowning in "The Spoils of War" could fit those specifications. The salt could refer to the water he plunged into and the smoke could be the dragon-powered battle raging on land. A near death experience could certainly count as a rebirth.

To Wake Dragons Out Of Stone

Azor Ahai is also said to "wake dragons out of stone," which is a little more difficult to connect to Jaime. However, it's possible it could just be a sign that Azor Ahai has Targaryen blood, which fits another fan theory about Jaime and Cersei being the illegitimate children of Mad King Aerys. Aerys was said to be obsessed with their mother Joanna and possibly raped her, which could have resulted in her becoming pregnant with the twins. That would be a lot of secret Targaryens for one show, but it is a possibility. It would explain where the incest gene came from. (Kidding, of course.)

Forging Lightbringer

Azor Ahai was known to possess a flaming sword called Lightbringer that took two failed attempts to forge before a third, successful one. The first was in water; the second in the heart of a lion. The final time, Azor Ahai drove Lightbringer into the heart of his wife Nissa Nissa. Reddit user PLeb5 explained how Jaime could end up with his own personal Lightbringer.

Jaime is in possession of Joffrey's old Valyrian steel sword, which was created alongside Oathkeeper from Ned Stark's sword Ice. Ice is made from water, which could reference the first forging; the fact that two Lannister blades were made from Ice could refer to the second, because of their lion sigil. The third could suggest that Jaime will have to sacrifice the woman he loves, which some have interpreted to be Cersei or Brienne.

An Error Of Translation

Reddit user byrd82 raised the possibility that a translation error could actually provide even more proof that Jaime is Azor Ahai. They wrote, "Valyrian words for gold and hand are aeksion and ondos. Valyrian words for lord and light are aeksio and onos. [...] Will the true savior be the 'Gold Hand'?" There's only one person in Westeros with a gold hand at the moment, so if that's an indicator of Azor Ahai, then Jaime's chances are looking good.

Jaime may not be the Prince That Was Promised in the end, but at the moment he's definitely in the running.