This 'Game Of Thrones' Death May Not Be As Definite As You Think

A lot went down in the season finale of Game of Thrones, and while many questions were answered, fans were left with even more to still ponder. At the very end of the episode, the Night King arrived at the Wall with his dragon and army. Riding on the back of Viserion, the Night King was able to use his dragon to finally bring the Wall down with blue fire. Unfortunately, fan favorite, Tormund, was on top of the Wall when it happened. Though it seems Tormund is dead, there are still some clues Tormund is alive on Game of Thrones. So we shouldn't give up on him just yet.

When the army of the dead arrived at the Wall, fans knew it was not going to end well, but Tormund (and Beric) did not catch onto how bad it was until Viserion showed up. Instead, they looked on quizzically, staying on top of the Wall until it was too late. Once Tormund saw Viserion, he hurried to get down from the Wall, along with everyone else, but as they were making their way down the incredible number of stairs, the Wall fell. It was difficult to gage just how far down Tormund made it before the big collapse occurred, but it definitely didn't look good for our favorite red-headed wildling.

Even so, the circumstances around his possible death are unclear enough for fans to believe there's still a chance he survived. Here are the biggest clues that Tormund will live to see another day...

His Death Wasn't Shown

Sure, it was certainly implied that Tormund fell to his doom, but no one actually saw that happen. Therefore, perhaps Tormund somehow survived the fall and he's actually not dead.

His Relationship With Brienne Hasn't Begun Yet

Tormund's obsession with Brienne is both comical and endearing. After he told the Hound about their future children, one has to believe he didn't die before he even got a chance to really be with Brienne.

He's An Essential Character

Yeah, I know Game of Thrones kills off important characters all the time, but think about it. Tormund is really the only (important) wilding left on the show. He's the only person that still thinks of everyone else in Westeros as Crows. Tormund brings a different perspective to the show that no other main character has. Why would the show runners want to lose that in the last season?

The Official Recap Doesn't Say Tormund Died

According to the official episode synopsis from HBO, when the Wall began to collapse "Tormund and his wildings rush to safety." If you're being hopeful, you can read that as Tormund and his wildings were able to get to safety before they were harmed. At the very least, this proves that Tormund's fate is still up in the air, because if he was actually dead the synopsis probably would've said so.

Hopefully, when Season 8 airs, fans will be gifted with a cold open, showing that Tormund has lived to fight another day. Until then, I'll just keep praying to the old gods and the new that Tormund is fine.