Combat 'Finding Dory' Boycotts By Helping These 5 LGBT Causes

The anticipation leading up to the release of Finding Dory was pretty remarkable given it's an animated film whose protagonist is a blue fish with short-term memory loss. Pixar films have diehard followers, and the fans of Finding Nemo have been waiting 13 years for its under sea-quel. Since it's release, Finding Dory has garnered wide acclaim, and even more affirmation from its box office sales. Yet, some are choosing not to see the film because it briefly shows a couple of humans who may or may not be lesbians. Not only is this a shocking reaction to a very family-friendly film and teachable moment, but it feels particularly insensitive on the heels of the recent mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, that took the lives of many LGBT individuals. The perpetuation of that intolerance is frustrating, but instead of engaging in endless Twitter battles, combat Finding Dory boycotts by helping these five LGBT causes.

But first, a bit more about the scene in question. There is a fleeting, short scene in Finding Dory where two women, one with a short haircut, are walking through the Marine Life Park. They are pushing a stroller when they discover, to their surprise, that they're pushing a baby octopus, not a baby-baby. That's about it. While many have applauded the possible LGBT representation in a children's film, others have decried it as inappropriate, and others still have said it's not enough.

Representatives of Pixar have been vague about the scene. When asked about the couple, director Andrew Stanton told USA Today, "They can be whatever you want them to be. There's no right or wrong answer." Even so, the mere speculation has been polarizing. To show support for Finding Dory, LGBT communities, and more diverse representation in film, try this list.

Share GLAAD's Studio Responsibility Index

Every year, GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) puts out a report that catalogs LGBT representation in films produced by major studios. According to its recent index, Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Studios both received a failing grade for not featuring any LGBT characters in 2015. According to the report, only 17.5 percent of the 126 films released last year showcased LGBT characters. That percentage was the same for 2014. Sharing this info-packed report will show your support for increasing representation while raising awareness about the visible lack of LGBT characters on the big screen.

Join The #GiveElsaAGirlfriend Campaign

Earlier this year, Twitter erupted with with the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend to try to show Disney that viewers are ready to see a same-sex relationship on the screen. There has never been a same-sex relationship in a Disney animated film, and some critics have said Elsa in Frozen would be a perfect candidate. Many continue to post using this hashtag to show their support for more LGBT representation in film and, specifically, in the Frozen sequel.

Wear Your Pride On Your Sleeve (or Profile)

In the wake of the tragic shooting in Orlando, Florida, that took the lives of 49 people, many of them Latinx members of the LGBT community, a number of Facebook profile filters popped up to show solidarity. While many were specific to the Orlando shooting, others simply show that you are an ally. Being open and vocal about your support for LGBT equality and rights is sometimes all it takes for someone else to speak up, show their support, or feel loved. Try changing your profile over to one of these pride filters as a way to combat intolerance.

Donate To The Human Rights Campaign Foundation

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation is one of the largest LGBT advocacy groups in the country. Not only does it organize protests, lobby lawmakers for expanding rights, and lobby film studios for increased representation, but it also has a large line of t-shirts and other apparel to show where you stand. Some personal favorites of mine: the "Make America Gay Again" hats. Donate to the HRC by purchasing something from its store or making a direct gift to support its continued work.

Go See The Movie

This isn't as impactful as some of the other actions, but going to see Finding Dory directly fights against any boycott trying to censor its content. Spread the word!