Postpartum underwear with a built-in donut pillow in grey

OK, We Have To Talk About This Postpartum Underwear With A *Built-In* Donut Pillow

by Cat Bowen
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One of the more humiliating complications of pregnancy is the dreaded hemorrhoids. No, people can't tell you're experiencing them just by looking at you, but the donut pillow you carry around is a dead giveaway. Now there's finally underwear with a built-in donut pillow designed for people suffering from hemorrhoids.

Basically a pair of boxer briefs with an inflatable inner tube sewn into the back end, these unisex underpants are perfect for pregnant and postpartum moms when you need a little extra cushion due to hemorrhoids or the fact that you just shoved a human out of your vagina, and things are a bit out of sorts down there. For $59.99 (regularly $119.99), you get one pair of the Comfy Undies (easily worn over labor mesh panties or your cheapest underwear) and it includes a discreet, detachable pump to inflate your donut just before you sit down. Comfy Undies noted that it's also good for sciatic pain and the hip discomfort often associated with pregnancy.

Is it weird that I'm a little angry this didn't exist when I had my kids? Not only did my own downstairs experience intense hemorrhoids, I also had a complex birth with my son leading to a near fourth degree tear. This would have been heaven for everything. (If only it were also chilled.)

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The fact that underwear with a built-in donut pillow didn't exist until now baffles me, but hemorrhoids are just one of those things no one talks about, so I suppose it took someone just saying "Hey, it happens to a lot of us" to get it done. I think this would make a great gift for a sister or a best friend who is newly pregnant because not only is it useful, it's also hysterical. And, you'd also quickly become the most useful gift giver ever — take it from someone with intimate experience. Preparation H only goes so far.

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