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Just Try Not To Smile While Reading Cookie Monster's Silly & Sweet Reddit AMA

Sometimes the internet can be a dark, depressing place. But other times, it offers content so pure and innocent that you forget all of the bad things in the world. To that end, Cookie Monster recently did an AMA on Reddit and answered all the most pressing questions that you didn't even know you had for the beloved Sesame Street character.

In case you didn't know, Cookie Monster is plugged in and online. The goodhearted glutton is active on Twitter, and Reddit as well. Cookie went live on Reddit on Thursday to share a promotion that will bring two lucky fans to Sesame Street to chow down on some cookies with their favorite characters, as Us Weekly reported.

"HI! Me COOKIE MONSTER. Me love cookies. And me want to meet you," Cookie wrote, going on to explain how the promotion works. "Me running dis thing where you and a friend can come to Sesame Street to eat Cookies with Oscar the Grouch. No no, me just joking! You get to eat cookies with ME!"

The money collected benefit the nonprofit Yellow Feather Fund, helping to "bring learning and laughter to children in need.”

After stepping away for "20 minutes or so" to "take a batch of cookies out of da oven," Cookie returned to share his wisdom with the world on Reddit.

Being the cookie expert that he is, Cookie offered some advice to a young, budding entrepreneur.

"My 7-year-old daughter is about to start selling Girl Scout cookies. Any advice for her?," a Reddit user asked. Cookie responded with a solid recommendation: "Don't eat the product!"

And when another user asked, "What's the hot gossip on Sesame Street these days?," Cookie explained that the exciting promotion is in celebration of the show's 50th anniversary.

Cookie added, "Also, Oscar still a grouch..."

Music is a big part of Sesame Street, so naturally the topic of tunes came up during the AMA. "Hi Cookie," a Reddit user asked. "Besides the classic "C"' is for Cookie" which we all know and love, what would you say is your favorite song from your time on Sesame Street?" And Cookie's response was painfully pure: "Oh me trying to remember... it goes 'la die da de dum... la di da de dum....' Oh what is the name of the song?"

He also revealed who he'd choose to sing a duet with. And I would definitely tune in to that episode if his artist of choice did head to Cookie's street to sing.

"Me would love to sing duet with Lady Gaga. Me and me friends are monsters after all. Me hopes she see dis!" A Reddit user replied, "I hope she does too!"

Along with his taste in music, Cookie's taste in, well, cookies also came up. When asked if Cookie liked cookies crispy or soft, the muppet gave the only reasonable answer: "Yes."

Cookie provided some super helpful information on cookie consumption, including the optimum number of chocolate chips per cookie.

"Me always say the more the merrier. Me think me need at least 3.14 chocolate chippies per nom nom. MMM pi," Cookie wrote.

On user had a very important question for Cookie. "I saw you eat many foods, because monster not picky," they wrote. "How do you feel about WAFFLES?" Cookie has a preference with it comes to waffles, and it likely won't surprise you.

"Me need to introduce you to stroopwafel. It wonderful!" Cookie replied.

Cookie loves cookies, but he also just loves to eat. When a user asked him, "Is there anything you won't eat? I mean, I've seen you eat a typewriter before..." Cookie explained that he's not picky.

While Cookie may be a bit of a glutton, the muppet is no hoarder. When a user asked, "How big is your cookie collection?," the big blue guy was honest about the struggle and others related.

"Not very big. Me constantly run into problem of eating me collection," Cookie wrote, to write a Reddit user replied: "I've got the same problem. There's just never enough cookies!"

But Cookie also isn't wasteful. No, Cookie eats every last morsel. And the best way to get cookies out of your fur: eat them.

"Me usually have them as snackie for later," Cookie answered.

True to the muppet's word, Cookie answered the questions posted to the AMA to the best of his ability. And his ability is what made the exchange so endearing. Thank you, Cookie, for providing content that was sweeter than all the chocolate chips in the world.