Rick Rowell/ABC

Corinne Receives Unfair Backlash On 'The Bachelor'

This season of The Bachelor, the villain came into full focus pretty quickly: Corinne. In the premiere, she was the first contestant to kiss Nick – much to the chagrin of the other women (and Nick himself wasn't too comfortable with it, either). On Monday's episode, Corinne's scene-stealing parade continued. Corinne was involved with the first group date, which was a wedding photoshoot; each contestant had a different theme. While Brittany's outfit was scantily clad in an "Adam and Eve" shoot, Corinne went the extra mile to do the same during hers. But while she comes off as unlikable, Corinne taking her top off on The Bachelor isn't the reason she should be criticized.

Corinne is not afraid to do what she thinks needs to be done in order to get her man. She often "steals Nick for a second" from other contestants to get a little extra time with him. She's also unabashed with her sexuality: she kissed him right away on the first night, and during the first group date she took her top off. Typical of Bachelor Nation, a villain inhabits the mansion for the long haul. Also typical, the other contestants – and many viewers – hate her. Corinne definitely fits the bill this season... but sometimes for the wrong reason. The others criticized – slut shamed, really – Corinne for exposing her breasts. Social media was not that kind, either:

Hailey was especially judgmental about Corinne's move. She wondered why Nick would want a wife that takes her top off in front of other people like that. Lest we forget, when Hailey introduced herself she remarked that she "wasn't wearing underwear":

Soon after the stunt, Corinne won the wedding photoshoot challenge, which seemed to be based on who had the most chemistry with Nick during the shoot. Not only that, but she received a rose from him later that night. The next day, Lacey confessed that she thought Corinne won because she exposed herself.

It's safe to say that Corinne is this season's villain, and is being edited to be disliked. She also doesn't help herself by insulting other contestants and talking about herself in the third person. Taking her top off, however, is not a reason to criticize her. If Corinne is anything, it's self-confident – and we shouldn't condemn her for that. Instead, we can focus on her attitude towards the other women in the group. Whether this will all lead to her downfall, we just have to keep watching to find out.