Costco Is Having A Can't-Miss Deal on Huggies Plus Diapers Right Now

By Hannah Selinger

Hey, fellow moms. Do you ever feel like your entire, hard-earned paycheck goes to nothing but... diapers? I definitely do. With two kids under three, sometimes I wonder if I will ever see the bottom of the diaper pail.

Actually, it's not just the price of diapers that gets me. Have you ever had that panicky feeling, that pit in the bottom of your stomach? You know the one I'm talking about. The one saying, "Oh my gosh, I forgot to buy the diapers!" Running out of diapers is a working momma's living, breathing nightmare.

My short time as a mom has involved a lot of strategizing — specifically about diapers. I plan when to buy them, how many of them to buy, and where to buy them. I have tried ordering them online, buying them locally, and buying them at big box stores. But the best place to buy them — and this will come as no surprise to my fellow moms who already know the non-secret I am about to divulge — is Costco.

Now, on an ordinary day, I can pick up Huggies® Plus Diapers at Costco for a reasonable price, and that's useful, given how often I'm in need of a replenished supply. But between September 4 and September 29, I'll be stocking up, because these diapers are going on sale. Costco is knocking $9 off each package. That's a massive savings which I don't intend to miss out on — and you shouldn't, either.

In case you're a brand loyalist, allow me to share why Huggies® Plus Diapers at Costco are worth the coveted space inside your diaper bag or alongside our changing table. The diapers have an incredible fit, meaning your little one stays comfortable and dry. The wetness indicator tells you exactly when that diaper needs to be changed, because we all know that time gets away from us sometimes. The liner absorbs wetness immediately, meaning no irritation. I'm a fan of the fit, I'm a fan of the absorption, and I'm definitely a fan of the price.

Of course, it's always an added bonus when there's something in it for the kiddos, too. These cool diapers feature kid-friendly Disney designs, and that helps to make diaper-changing a fun and interactive experience for everyone involved. One of my children is the type who avoids the changing table at all costs. But I can distract him with Huggies® Plus Diapers, because Disney characters are right up his alley. And just that one moment of fun means a lighter load for me.

I go to Costco for more than just diapers, of course, but there aren't too many items that will cause me to drop everything and fill up my cart. But diapers? They're one of them. If I could fill my closets with Huggies® Plus, I totally would, because they're a valuable commodity around here. So, between September 4 and September 29, you should make sure to fill your diaper larders, too — then maybe thank Huggies® Plus for making life at home just a little easier.

This post is sponsored by Huggies® Plus Diapers.