Could Gingerbread Cookies Help With Milk Supply? It Seems Too Good To Be True

The holiday season is easily be one of the most exciting times for a mom. I'm not referring to the joy of experiencing your baby's first Christmas, or the buzz of holiday parties, or the giving spirit in the air. I am talking about the amount of amazing food you're bound to encounter this time of year. And it's especially exciting for breastfeeding moms. Believe it or not, there are lots of foods out there that are thought to increase your milk supply — some of which are traditional holiday favorites. So could gingerbread cookies help with milk supply?

According to the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA,) fresh ginger has a direct and positive effect on your milk supply. Although the exact reason behind ginger's effect on breast milk is unknown, in a controlled study, research published by the ABA found that women who were given ginger in the very early postpartum period had significantly higher milk supplies.

Aside from increasing your milk supply, Mom Junction noted that ginger can also help your digestive system, reduce inflammation, ease nausea, improve your circulation, and relax your stress.

So, as the evidence suggests, it seems that gingerbread cookies really can help your milk supply, if they're made with fresh ginger and maybe a few other known galactagogues like oats.

In fact, this recipe for classic chewy oatmeal chocolate chunk and ginger cookies from Joy the Baker utilizes candied ginger — better than ground or dried ginger — and oats (the healthy part for your milk supply,) mixed with chocolate and gooey brown sugar for thick and decadent cookies that are perfect for a holiday party or just for a craving. They might not be your traditional gingerbread cookies, but they're bound to be just as delicious.

Just when you thought the holidays couldn't get any better, turns out that you can increase your milk supply with a classic holiday cookie. Happy holidays, indeed.