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Jorah's Greyscale Problem May Not Be Over Just Yet On 'Game Of Thrones'

When Jorah became infected with greyscale back in Season 5, many feared this was the beginning of the end for him. The deadly disease usually leads the infected to go mad and become "Stone Men," until they eventually die. However, thanks to Sam, Dany's right hand man is now supposedly cured. But could Jorah's greyscale return on Game of Thrones? Hopefully not.

Though there is no known cure for greyscale, what Sam did seemed to work. By removing the hard skin and putting salve on the infected areas, Sam seemingly stopped the infectionin its tracks. If Jorah is really cured, the greyscale shouldn't return. Once someone has survived a bout of greyscale they become immune to the disease. However, this is only if Sam really cured Jorah.

Sam successfully got rid of the physical evidence of the disease and his teacher, Archmaester Ebrose, also seemed to agree Jorah was fit to leave the Citadel, but what if the greyscale infection still remains in Jorah, under the surface? After the season premiere, Iain Glen, who plays Jorah, told Vulture his arc this season would be centered on finding a cure for greyscale. If that's true, why was this storyline already resolved by the third episode? It just doesn't add up.

However, this season is only seven episodes long, and it's clear this season is moving quickly. Since the season began, there's already been a Stark reunion, multiple battles, and Daenerys and Jon have already met. It's clear Season 7 isn't wasting time, and it's not like Glen would've spoiled that Jorah does in fact get cured. It would definitely make sense that he didn't go into more detail about his story arc since there were really only two options for how to would play out: getting cured or death.

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Still, Jorah being cured just like that seems too good to be true. It doesn't help that Sam then shook his hand. That moment seemed to be foreshadowing a relapse for Jorah, which would mean Sam may have contracted the disease as well. If Sam does have greyscale now (though I'd be very surprised if he did), he could cause an outbreak in the Citadel, and that's the last thing Westeros needs right now, in the middle of a war and with the White Walkers on the way.

Hopefully, this isn't the case. It'd be nice to believe that Jorah is cured and it's just as simple as it seems. No one wants Jorah or Sam to die, but with this show, it makes sense if fans are wary.