Could The Stolen Secret Service Laptop Put Americans At Risk?

Losing things or having items stolen from you is not fun, trust me. Having an item stolen from you — especially one containing important information that belongs to the Secret Service — is not a position anyone wants to be in. On Thursday, an agency-issued laptop with important information on it was stolen from a Secret Service agent in Brooklyn, New York, which rings a few security alarms. This theft understandably raises some concern, and might have people wondering if the stolen secret service laptop could put Americans at risk.

Practically everyone knows what its like for something to be stolen from them — from a wallet or phone, to a favorite scarf a friend "accidentally" took from them and never gave back. While these items are precious, they can be recovered and replaced. The stolen secret service laptop is not the kind of item that should be in the hands of anyone else but the secret service. The contents of the laptop are special — according to ABC News, the laptop reportedly contains "floor plans for Trump Tower, details on the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server, and other national security information." The laptop also reportedly contains important files on Pope Francis, according to CBS News. This is the kind of information that you probably don't want getting in the wrong hands. Luckily, it is unlikely that the stolen secret service laptop will put Americans at risk.

This is because, being the secret service, their laptops contain "multiple layers of security," and are "not allowed to contain classified information" according to a statement released by the United States Secret Service. This makes it very hard for the average citizen to access top secret information. The multiple security measures that need to be taken to access the stolen laptop are not for just anyone. According to Politico, users need an authorized electronic identity card and two different passwords to get into the computer. Luckily, the computer is encrypted which means authorities are able to "wipe the hard drive remotely, if needed," according to ABC News. Unfortunately, according to CNN, the laptop has still not been found and there is no telling who has it, as the investigation is still ongoing.

While someone knowing the floor plan of Trump Tower might not necessarily put Americans at risk, it is a threat to the president and those closest to him, and the kind of information that shouldn't be public. Due to high security measures, access to the contents of that laptop should be limited — and Americans shouldn't have to worry too much. However, the theft of this laptop should not be taken lightly and is, according to CNN, "a threat to national security." This theft only highlights the importance of security, especially in 2017.