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Craigslist Black Friday Ad Offers To "Babysit" Your Kids, But Here's Why You Probably Shouldn't

by Jenn Rose

Holy half-off, Batman, it’s almost Black Friday! And you absolutely can’t skip the sales, because there’s some serious savings afoot. Of course, you need to bring your spouse with you, so you can cover twice as much ground in half the time. But what about your kid? Maybe you can ditch him at Smaland if you’re shopping at IKEA, but Wal-Mart doesn’t have child care. How about dropping your kid off with a stranger from Craigslist? What could go wrong?

Mashable reports that Black Friday child care is becoming a pretty big deal. Home daycares and gyms are offering Black Friday hours, like the Coosa Valley YMCA in Alabama, which will only charge $20 to lovingly place your offspring on a cot while you shop. Cool, cool. But what if there’s no Little Gym nearby that’s open three hours after the turkey’s been carved? Simple, just hit up Craigslist! Your favorite place to score stained sofas at deep discounts is currently hosting hundreds of ads from anonymous potential weirdos who want your kids in their home, pronto! There are uncertified child care workers all across the country available right now. You get that 55” TV for a couple hundred bucks, and your child gets a story they can share for a lifetime (in therapy). It’s a win-win!


A dog, fun, and games? This sounds more like a birthday party than a babysitter, tbh. Can I come, too?


This one types like Jaden Smith or something, which is always a good sign.


Less time typing the letters "y" and "o" means more time spent doting on your precious little one.


She worked in the parks and rec office! She's basically April Ludgate, and we all love her, am I right?


Sleeping on a floor while other people sing and watch movies? This sounds like training for their first college party. And preparing your kids for college is very important.

Real talk: Maybe ask around before dropping your kids off at a stranger's house in the middle of the night? Ask a friend or neighbor? Maybe, I dunno, order your gifts online, instead? Whatever, I don't know your life. Just be safe, OK?

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