Meet Crate & Kids, Crate & Barrel’s New, Adorable Children’s Collection

The Land of Nod is beloved for its playful yet vintage children's furniture aesthetic. And Crate and Barrel is a mainstay of chic but practical home decor. So what do you get when you combine the two? Crate and Kids. That's right: if you love the whimsical look of The Land of Nod and the simple elegance of Crate and Barrel, today's your lucky day. As of Wednesday, March 7, The Land of Nod will be coming to Crate and Barrel. Under the new name of Crate and Kids, you'll get all your favorite things about Nod combined with the style and craftsmanship of the Crate and Barrel brand.

And there'll be more places to find it all, too: In addition to the website, you'll be able to shop for Crate and Kids items at more than 40 Crate and Barrel stores around the country, starting on April 4. There you'll be able to see and try out furniture, bedding, and decor, as well as take advantage of a variety of services, including children’s nursery, bedroom, and playspace design services; and gifting and baby registries.

“Both brands have been listening closely to their customers, and Crate & Kids was born from a unique opportunity to deliver a truly differentiated offer that combines Crate & Barrel's modern, elevated style with the heart, lively spirit and energy kids are made of,” the company said via email to the Chicago Tribune.

Crate and Barrel began a strategic partnership with The Land of Nod nearly two decades ago, covered The Chicago Tribune, and in 2012, Crate and Barrel acquired the entire company, according to Crain's. This change to Crate and Kids means that the company's children's offerings will soon expand from just seven brick-and-mortar locations to more than forty, reported Orange County register.

The Land of Nod has certainly been a stylish oasis amid a desert of tired baby styles, and Crate and Kids promises to continue with Nod's established favorites while sprinkling in plenty of new delights. As devotees of the brand already know, that means truly beautiful toys and carefully designed furniture. Things that look great with the rest of your home, rather than screaming, "Any sense of style I once had disappeared with the birth of my first child."

One of Land Of Nod's beloved classics that will be available at Crate & Kids is the Jenny Lind furniture collection, which is a 21st-century update of a decidedly vintage look. The bed, which is available in twin, full, or queen ($499-699), is made of solid poplar. The full and twin sizes can accommodate guardrails for safety — and a trundle bed for sleepovers.

And to complete the look, Crate and Kids is rolling out a new Balloon Bedding set ($14-229). Designed for Crate and Kids by Bikini Sous La Pluie, it features contrasting shapes, colors, patterns, and textures, all drawn together with a big burst of pastel balloons.

Crate and Kids also has you covered when it comes to outfitting the kids' playroom. Forget garish color combinations and boring styles — these pieces will have you just as excited for playtime as the kids.

One favorite is the Palm Springs Playhouse ($199), which is as fun for the adults admiring it as it is for the kids playing in it. Designed exclusively for Crate and Kids by Sarah Walsh, it features a sturdy metal frame and durable cotton canvas to stand up to the most enthusiastic games of make-believe.

Throw in the new White Shag Pouf ($79), and you've got a seating solution that's fun enough for the kids and good-looking enough for you.

Add to that the new handy and stylish Pineapple Floor Basket ($59), and you're really cookin'. The basket liner is machine washable, so it can withstand whatever the kids dish out. This playful storage solution may even find its way out of the kids' playroom and into the living room — why should the kids have all the fun?

So whether you've been a faithful fan of The Land of Nod, or are just awakening to the possibilities of a kid-friendly yet sophisticated aesthetic, check out what the new Crate and Kids has to offer for little ones and even yourself.

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