So Many Pampering Subscription Boxes Are On Sale At Cratejoy's Flash Sale

One of the biggest trends to emerge in recent years, subscription boxes are now available for basically everything under the sun. And now, with a pretty major sale at Cratejoy going on, subscription boxes are easier to get than ever. They're the perfect monthly gift for your friend, your kid, or (of course) yourself.

Whether you're into skincare, makeup, reading, or fandoms, there's a subscription box for you somewhere. And with the sale going on, a huge variety of subscription boxes are 20 percent off at Cratejoy's Treat Yo' Self Flash sale. From Friday, April 12th through Monday, April 15th, over 50 different subscription boxes are offered at a discount with the promo code TREATYOURSELF. Describe as the world's first subscription marketplace, Cratejoy offers boxes for a wide variety of interests. Seriously, everyone from home chefs to comic book fans will find something to love on this site. Plus, there are different levels of subscription for many of the boxes, so you can find one that works for your interest and budget.

Out of the flash sale boxes, there are plenty that will appeal to families with young children. You can some get boxes that are specifically aimed at kids, whereas others (such as the pre-packed baking ingredient boxes) are perfect for family activities. That said, there's also plenty of self care boxes that are perfect for adults who just need a little downtime.