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Theories About 'PLL' Season 7B To Obsess Over

There are only nine episodes left of Pretty Little Liars, and fans are both excited and nervous as the end draws closer and closer. Just as with every season of the popular mystery drama, fans have continued to come up with various theories about how the show will come to an end. Though it's almost impossible to really know what show creator I. Marlene King has up her sleeves, that's never stopped fans from trying to guess. Below are some of the craziest theories about Pretty Little Liars Season 7B so far.

It's already become clear these final 10 episodes may just be the craziest yet. A.D. gifted the Liars with a board game and though they agreed not to play it, Spencer did. Now the game threatens to release the tape of them digging up Archer's body if they don't continue to play, but what exactly is the point of the game? Fans also wonder where Mary Drake ran off to and where Jenna is. Moreover, why are there so many characters with the initials A.D. and does Spencer really have a twin? If she does, who is this twin and where has she been all this time? These are just some of the theories that could answer those questions.

The Secret Passageway In The Board Game

If you were paying close attention to the board game (or if you paused your DVR to stare at it), you may have noticed there's a secret passageway on the board. It looks like the passageway leads from Radley to somewhere else and as one fan pointed out, "All roads lead to Radley." Many fans believe this may explain how someone was able to kill Charlotte and get away with it and also opens up the possibility that basically anyone could've killed Charlotte. Moreover, Twitter user PLL theories also noticed that it looks like Aria's piece was in the secret passageway. Could she be Charlotte's killer?

Spencer's Twin Is Bethany Young

With the confirmation that Spencer is, in fact, Mary Drake's daughter, fans only seem more sure that Spencer has a twin and that twin is Bethany Young. Tumblr user The Outlast put it all together and the theory actually kind of makes sense. When Aria and Spencer visited Dr. Cochran he said he delivered "two of [Mary Drake's] babies," which seems to indicate she had more than two. Hence, he probably delivered her twins, but not Charlotte. So how does Bethany come into play? Well, while she was in Radley, she referred to Jessica DiLaurentis as "Aunt Jessie," which fans dismissed but what if that was because Jessica was actually her aunt? Additionally, fans have only seen Bethany at a young age. Fans believe the show has been purposefully keeping her face hidden because she looks just like Spencer.

Bethany Young Is A.D.

The Outlast's theory also suggests that Bethany is A.D., suggesting that Charlotte skewed the truth of what went down in Radley, and it was she, not Bethany, that pushed Marion Cavanaugh off the Radley roof. Jessica then turned on Bethany to protect her own child and paid off Wilden to say it was a suicide. Bethany then got her revenge by killing Charlotte and the idea that A.D. is looking for vengeance against Charlotte's killer is actually a lie. You'll have to read the full theory to get all the details, but the evidence seems really compelling.

Addison Derringer Is Related To The DiLaurentis Family

A new character is arriving in Rosewood with the initials A.D. In the sneak peek of the new episode, Addison Derringer seems to be another Ali, only slightly worse. While it seems highly doubtful that this new girl is A.D., King does everything for a reason. So why bring in this new girl so close to the end if she didn't serve a purpose? My best guess is she's somehow also part of this messed up DiLaurentis family. Could it be that Mary Drake has another child?

Fans will just have to wait and see, but in the meantime, these theories are great to obsess over.