These Ridiculously Cute Stuffed Animals Turn Into The Cutest Hoodies *Seriously*

When you're busy corralling a small kiddo, it can be difficult to remember all the many things you need to keep that little one happy. How easy is it to run out the door, forgetting a light jacket or toy? With Cubcoats, the hoodies that turn into stuffed animals, you're ready for almost any adventure. Even if you're just trekking through the chilly frozen aisle of the grocery store.

A two-in-one design, Cubcoats are both a hoodie and a stuffed animal. The soft, hooded sweatshirt is great to have on hand for sudden cold snaps when you're out and about, and the cuddly animal makes a great toy for your kid the rest of the time. Available in bear, fox, panda, bunny, puppy, tiger, whale, and kitty designs, your kid is sure to love these creatures. Plus, the easy way it transforms from a toy into a sweatshirt is just plain cool. Simply unzip the back of the plush pet and you have an instant jacket.

Crafted from ethically sourced, premium materials, Cubcoats are designed to last. The adorable kid's hoodies are 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester, as noted on the Cubcoats website. The cubs themselves are crafted from a soft fleece. Featuring double-lined materials and a silicon zipper, the hoodie itself is designed for wearable comfort. But there's a fun side, too, because the top of the hood features retractable ears. It's a cute added detail.

Most importantly, Cubcoats are machine washable if run on a normal, cold water cycle. They're even safe to tumble dry on low, which is great news for any busy family. Your kid is free to bring the Cubcoat along on playground trips and other messy adventures without worry.

Particularly for families on the go, Cubcoats are an easy way to travel light. It would be an ideal thing to tuck in your kid's carry-on bag at the airport. As a bonus, the stuffed animal version makes a pretty good airplane pillow. Or you could even stash a Cubcoat in the car for those emergency jacket situations. It's just a neat thing to have on hand.

Granted, not everyone wants to drop $40 on a child's hoodie. But as far as I can tell, there aren't any similar products on the market, so it's a pretty unique find at the moment. The cuddly stuffed animal component is what sets it apart. So if this is something your kid would enjoy, consider putting the word out to friends and family who might need birthday or holiday gift ideas. (Hey, it isn't the most shameless way to get stuff for your kid.)

Whether you're crossing the country or just running a few afternoon errands, the Cubcoat would make a cute and useful addition to your travels. Part buddy, part coat, it's a fun way to keep your kid warm and entertained wherever you are.