Customize Your Facebook Reaction Emojis & Express Your Rage/Excitement/Surprise In A Unique Way

Facebook has gotten plenty of flak for its Reactions (five emoticons that users can use to clarify their "likes" on a post), a feature rolled out in February. By hovering over the traditional, thumbs-up "Like" button, users were given the added feature of being able to select emoticons that represented "Love," "Wow," "Haha," "Sad," and "Angry" — which is arguably a pretty limited view of emotions. But now, thanks to a new browser extension, Reactions have gotten just a little more fun. Reaction Packs lets you customize your Facebook Reaction emojis, so that you can can see Facebook reactions through new-emoticon-colored glasses.

The browser extension, which works on Firefox or Safari (R.I.P., Internet Explorer), will swap out all of the slightly-boring Reaction emoticons on Facebook with whatever emoticon set you select. Currently, that means you can see your friends react to news through Donald Trump's wide range of emotions, or get your Canadian on with some Justin Trudeau emoticons. Other, less-political options include Pokémon reactions, Rick and Morty faces, as well as a few beloved meme characters' reactions.

Whether you like the standard six emoticons from Facebook or not, you have to admit that this is an upgrade either way.

To use the reaction packs — which are completely free — simply download the browser extension from Reaction Pack's website and install. After, go back to their website and select the reaction pack you'd like to use. If there's not a reaction pack that you're particularly keen on, you can always make your own as well. (Does anyone see where this is going in the age of selfies?) After that, you can just sit back and enjoy Facebook through whatever customized reactions suit your mood that day.

I even put on my best scientist cap and tried the Reaction Packs out for you. Since I like politics but couldn't bring myself to use the Donald Trump emoticons, I experimented with the Trudeau Reactions. This is what it looks like in-browser:

Courtesy Kenza Moller

Not to worry, though. If you decide to change your Reaction emojis to Donald Trump/Kim Kardashian/your very own selfies, you don't have to worry about your judgmental Facebook friends commenting on your selection. The browser extension only affects your Facebook view in that particular browser, so your friends (or your boss) can't see what you've done (though should you really be on Facebook in the middle of the work day?).

Overall, I have to give Reaction Packs a solid "Like." They may not widen the spectrum of emotions as Facebook gave us with Reactions, but for some reason, they just make them so much more satisfying.