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Dad Helps Bullied Son In The Cutest Way

Helping your kid go through a time when they're being bullied is heartbreaking. Aside from making them feel safe and worthy in your presence, the whole situation can feel totally out of control. Which is exactly why this dad asking celebs to tweet at his bullied son for his birthday is so relatable. And heartbreaking, since the celebs actually came through in a huge way for the almost 9-year-old. Christopher Hope-Smith, a dad based in Leeds, England, took to Twitter to say that his son Ollie was being bullied and hoped that people would come through with some positive messages for him leading up to his birthday on July 9.

Hope-Smith asked in a Twitter thread if any of his followers knew someone famous that would tweet at Ollie. Sounds a little crazy, right? But here's why:

The bully keeps saying to him that everything O has, he has bigger/better/more often. I would love someone to tell him he does mean something and bullying is not ok, ever. I would be so grateful and I appreciate it is an odd request. Just would love someone to tell him he does mean something & bullying is not ok, ever.

Celebs like Russell Crowe, Dione Warwick, and Pearl Mackie were ready to show some love.

We Dare You Not To Tear Up A Little Bit

Self-Described 'Not So Famous' People Reached Out, Too

Tom Bosworth, a 27-year-old Leeds-based Olympian (for race walking) even told Hope-Smith to direct message a home address and he could swing by a birthday party and drop off some official Great Britain Olympic team swag for Ollie and friends.

Totally above and beyond in so many ways.

After the initial thread went viral and the family received so many kind words for their 8-year-old son, Ollie's mom, Natalie, took over the Twitter handle to show her gratitude. She wrote in a thread:

You do not know what this means to me and will to Ollie when we show him. I have been battling with this matter for over a year and am only just now being listened to. It is heartbreaking listening to an 8 year old think that he is worthless and 'shouldn't be here.'

She added that they were overwhelmed with all of the responses and that she felt like a "kid in a sweet shop" reading everyone's nice words.

Maybe Ollie's bully won't care that The Gladiator, Olympic-medal winners, and astronauts from all over the world showed their love. Just knowing that there are kind and generous people out there when you're "going through it" is sometimes enough to help a bullied kid (and his support system) keep going. Happy Birthday, Ollie!