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Daenerys & Yara On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Have Twitter Jumping On Board A New Ship

It was a surprise to see Yara and Theon make it to Meereen so fast to meet with Daenerys, but a welcome one made all the better by seeing Dany and Yara together. The combination of sexy eyebrow raises, lady ruler bonding, and casual potential marriage offers made sure there's one more ship in the Iron fleet, and that ship is Dany/Yara. Dany and Yara on Game of Thrones have Twitter jumping on board with this possible power couple.

Dany and Yara can easily understand each other: they're both women fighting to be rulers in a world where that is often near impossible. That understanding was apparent almost immediately in their one scene together in "The Battle of the Bastards," but there was more there than just bonding born of similar life experiences. They seemed to share a dry sense of humor, not to mention spines of steel. But could there be more than burgeoning friendship there?

After last week's brothel visit in "No One," we know that Yara is interested in women, and she certainly didn't seem uninterested in Dany. When she told Dany about Euron's plan to demand marriage to form an alliance, Dany asked whether Yara's offer contained the same demand. Yara's words? "I never demand, but I'm up for anything, really."

Sounds promising to me.

Dany and Yara talk family history, too, which proves they have even more in common. Not only do they have dads who were on the unhinged side, but they've both seen their thrones taken by a usurper. It makes sense that Dany would be willing to offer support to someone whose situation so mirrors her own, but the chemistry between them went far beyond that. From the look on Dany's face, she seemed to get a kick out of Yara – and Twitter definitely picked up on it.

Much like the swoony gazing that launched Tormund and Brienne as a ship, Dany and Yara's lightning chemistry sent fans buzzing. They would be a flawless couple by anyone's standards: they're both badasses of the first degree, and they could use the backup as they both fight to get their thrones back. If they wanted to indulge in a little romance while taking down murderous uncles and roasting their enemies (literally), then who could blame them? If it comes with flirtatious banter like that every week, then I, for one, am eager to see their alliance flourish.

The only question that remains is: what would their ship name be? Yarerys? Dara? Greyaryon? Dragonkraken? That's still in the works, but name or no, this ship is sailing.