dairy queen's cotton candy dipped cone
Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen's Cotton Candy-Dipped Cone Is Really Real & Miracles Do Happen

Anyone who is obsessed with all things sweet (like myself) will be delighted to know that Dairy Queen's Cotton Candy-Dipped cone is here, it's real, it's bright blue, and it looks like an ice cream fantasy come true. Whether you love cotton candy or just dig straight-up sugar, you'll want to learn more about this super sweet take on an already sweet treat that is headed to Dairy Queen any minute now.

While Blizzards, ice cream cakes, and Dilly bars might get all of the love at your local Dairy Queen, dipped cones are the highly underrated shining star on the Dairy Queen menu. This cotton candy-dipped cone, (which is officially listed on Dairy Queen's website as "coming soon") will give people a reason to rethink their go-to order at Dairy Queen. There really is something so satisfying about biting into (yes, biting) a wafer cone filled with creamy soft serve ice cream and dipped into cotton candy-flavored coating.

But it won't officially be in stores until March 19, according to Delish. That's in about like, three weeks and the wait might be agonizing for some. But, some Dairy Queen stores across the nation are already selling it, according to Instagram and Twitter. So give your local Dairy Queen a call, or simply wait until March 19 to finally sink your teeth in some cotton candy magic.

Perhaps the best thing about the cotton candy-dipped cone is that it photographs so well. The gorgeous blue outer shell is so Instagram worthy, I'm salivating just by looking at photos of it.

I mean, just look at that bright blue hue.

The cotton candy-dipped cone will join the super delicious butterscotch-dipped cone and the classic chocolate-dipped cone to round out the menu. (Wait, what happened to the cherry-dipped cones?!) Whether you're a chocolate lover, prefer caramel, or can't get enough of the sweet fluffy stuff, there is a dipped cone at Dairy Queen for you.