Daniel Gives Haley His Rose On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ But It Doesn't Keep Ashley I. Away

Is it opposite day on Monday night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise? Because, of all people, Daniel has the most power in paradise with four women all vying for his rose. Ultimately, Daniel gives Haley his rose in a move that's totally surprising given the context of the episode.

It was one of those weeks where the guys had power and literally everyone was paired off except for one guy — Daniel. Of the un-coupled women, he had Ashley I., the twins Haley and Emily, and Sarah to choose from. He and Sarah already had a quirky connection, but he and Ashley I. also had a surprisingly good date. So how did Haley get the rose? It was thanks to some twin scheming, of course.

Since Haley and Emily are a (horrifically coined) "two-for-one-rose," meaning that only one of them has to get a rose for both twins to stay, Emily coaxed Haley into giving Daniel a kiss in an effort to win his rose. (Why Haley had to be the twin to do it was unclear, but their bickering over whether or not Haley would sacrifice her lips was hilarious.) Truthfully, Sarah had the much better moves this week, taking it upon herself to bake Daniel half a birthday cake, in celebration of his half-birthday.

Daniel thought the food gesture was sexy, but when Haley pulled him aside, he confessed that he'd found her attractive since they arrived in paradise. Haley said she felt the same way, but pointed out that they had pretty immediately gone after other people and never circled back for each other. To convince Daniel of her interest in him, she left him with a kiss before the roses were handed out. It was super chaste and closed-mouthed, but Nick Viall still announced that he was proud of her when she told the group that she went for it.

And, considering that it worked, who could blame her? Daniel totally bought it and rejected both his birthday cake baker, Sarah (who, by the way, had given up on a very strong connection with the impossibly hot Christian to keep Daniel around in an earlier rose ceremony), and the woman he had been on a successful date with, Ashley I. Well-played, twins. Well-played.