So Many Moms Can Relate To Danielle Bubsy's Parenting & Marriage Struggles

Motherhood isn't easy — that much is basically a universal truth. But motherhood, on top of having careers, being filmed constantly, and having five 2-year-olds can't be a simple task. But somehow, Danielle Busby manages to make it look easy. Well, somewhat easy that is. The mom of six and star of TLC's Outdaughtered alongside her husband, Adam, has always been pretty open about the chaos that comes with her life. But now, Busby's latest essay about her struggles as a mom and wife prove that she really is just human, and that no matter how perfect her life may look on TV, that isn't always the case.

Writing on Live Original, a blog by Sadie Robertson (yes, from Duck Dynasty), Busby wrote an essay entitled, "When I Can't He Can," that went live Wednesday. In the post, Busby shared many of the struggles she has to regularly deal with being a mom. Looking back at the moment she knew she was carrying quints, Busby recalled being filled with anxiety. "I was instantly scared and shaken," she wrote. "I was faced with an intense feeling that told me I can’t do this." She goes on to state that the main thing that got her through her fears was her faith.

In fact, Busby wrote that one of the biggest lessons she's learned while being a mom is that she can't do it all on her own. "I had to learn to accept the truth that I was right – this is NOT something I can do," she continued, "I must depend on God’s strength in me to carry out this plan. I have to strive to be righteous, which comes down to having faith in Jesus."

And truly, it is Busby's faith that has helped her deal with all the negatively surrounding her pregnancy and life. She also goes on to describe some of the antagonizing comments she's received:

"Danielle, your body cannot handle the stress of a high-risk quintuplet pregnancy."
"Danielle, you cannot deliver five healthy babies."
"Danielle, you cannot breast feed/pump for five babies."
"Danielle, you cannot survive on one income."
And the one that is thrown out daily is this, “Danielle, your marriage can not and will not survive”.

But despite all the adversity Busby has faced, she's overcome them all.

"To all the 'Danielle you cant’s' I shared above, I have to say…everyone was right," she wrote. "I couldn’t, but I had faith that God would give my body the ability to have a healthy high-risk pregnancy." And while not everyone can relate to Busby's faith, most women and mothers can at least relate to those nagging feelings of self-doubt. But, as Busby wrote, sometimes there's only one thing to do:

Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what's to come.

Preach, girl, preach.