Danielle Busby's Quotes About Infertility Are Wonderful

Danielle Busby, the star of TLC's OutDaughtered, is often praised for her transparency surrounding her struggles with infertility. As fans of the show know, Busby and her husband Adam Busby conceived America's first all-girl quintuplets via intrauterine insemination (IUI), a procedure similar to IVF, following years of infertility issues. To the benefit of many families struggling with infertility, Busby has used her platform on TLC to provide support for countless moms and dads coping with the diagnosis. If you've been struggling to have a baby due to infertility, there's a good chance Danielle Busby's quotes about infertility will make you feel less alone in your journey.

According to RESOLVE, "1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy" while "44 percent of women with infertility have sought medical assistance" to conceive. Although these statistics make it clear that infertility is a common medical issue, it's still a very sensitive topic that's not easy to talk about — and is taboo in many circles where growing a family is celebrated or incentivized. To make mattes worse, a lot of women and men often feel shame about their infertility diagnosis, which prevents them from speaking up.

Barbara Collura, the executive director of The National Infertility Association, explained, according to NBC News:

We can get only a handful of our own volunteers to speak out, because of the shame. Because we have so little patient advocacy, we have so little progress.

Considering how unwilling people are to speak out on this issue, it makes Busby's advocacy especially inspiring. By Busby lending her voice to the issue of infertility, she's providing an immense relief and comfort to parents that might feel alone in their journeys.

It's Normal To Wonder, "Why Me?"

On Busby's website It's A Buzz World!, Busby described feeling especially frustrated during her second round of IVF. Busby wondered why she had trouble conceiving, and the feeling can be especially overwhelming if other people around you seem to be conceiving with ease.

Busby wrote, according to It's A Buzz World!,

I remember asking Adam one evening “WHY?!?! Why must we go through all this again?! WHY does it have to be so hard for people who love children and who can raise them in a loving home?!?! WHY US!?! WHAT is God teaching US this time?! WHAT are we supposed to LEARN this time around?!” One of the questions I asked God was “What is it this time…what do you want from me?” So many questions that I know I will never know the answer too…but sometimes you just have to express those emotions and cry out to God.

It's OK To Hold Out For What You Want

People that struggle with infertility have to be persistent, especially when there's a specific goal in mind. Although Busby felt dejected after each failed attempt to conceive, she knew she couldn't give up on her dreams for a "big" family.

Busby said, according to StyleBlueprint,

I always grew up with a heart for kids, and so did Adam. I always had hopes to be a mom and have a big family. Adam was like, Let’s have one and spoil the heck out of it,' and I was like no, we need at least three. We knew with our infertility struggle that this was going to be our last round of trying to get pregnant and trying to have a sibling for Blayke.

Allow Yourself To Take A Break If Need Be

As one can imagine, fertility treatments are expensive and mentally exhausting. Considering how tough the process is, don't feel guilty if you need to take a break between treatments. In a post for It's A Buzz World, Busby recalled reaching a breaking point:

During this whole time of going through infertility, obviously it is costly, time-consuming, and stressful. It definitely challenging time for Adam and I’s relationship. At this point of no success, my doctor wanted us to start thinking about In vitro….which this just made us more stressed out…how were we going to afford that when its way more expensive than what we have been doing and at this point we have no more money to spare. We were both so stressed from trying and became depressed about the whole situation. Why was it this hard for us!! After a few days discussion, Adam and I decided we were going to take a break from ‘trying’.

You're Not The Only One Who's Suffering

Although it can be easy to get lost in your own tunnel of suffering, it's important to remember there are plenty of other people sharing your experience. Busby was reminded of this fact when she took a trip to Houston, Texas and met other parents in a similar situation.

Busby said, according to Channel Guide:

... I had friends that I have met here, around the Houston area, who have struggled with infertility and the depressive state that one can go into. You want a family but you just physically can’t make it happen. But we had Blayke successfully after going through infertility, and now we’ve had the quints!

Infertility is one of the most heartbreaking and lonely things a person can endure. Hopefully as time goes on, more people like Busby will come forward to share their experiences with infertility in order to help others cope.